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Saturday, 21 January 2017

30 Day Challenge Update || Days 12-21

It's been a while but fear not, I haven't fallen off the 30 day wardrobe wagon (YET) although I've felt like throwing myself off it once or twice. But actually, boring and all as it is, it's pretty simple to get dressed every day - I've so little choice...

Before I share my outfits from the past week, I have a dilemma ahead of me in the shape of a trade show in Dublin starting tomorrow (Sunday). It's an upmarket, designer-led trade show and I don't think my 30 items are going to cut the mustard. I did a panic shop yesterday in the dregs of the M&S sale (big mistake), coming home with a leopard print pleated skirt and a pair of straight cut jeans that are too big *eye roll*. An equally panicked ASOS order is also going back - I bought a dress that I can't actually get on me.....it's got a ridiculously tight underskirt that has no stretch. But fear not - I had a successful try on in Warehouse this morning...more on my next post.

But what have I been wearing this past week? I missed a few days of photos but I'll try to re-create photos from those days before the end of the challenge....if I can remember. You'll have to take my word for it that on Day 11, I wore my tweed New Look Skirt with my black cashmere crew neck. Day 12 was a denim shirt, black jeans and green crew neck kind of day:

Friday, 13 January 2017

Beauty || Hits & Misses

I saw a post about beauty hit and misses the other day and it piqued my interest so I had a think about the products I've been loving over the past few months and decided to share...along with some of the less successful ones. Though I tend to donate or throw them away so I don't have many in the house to photograph.

Starting with make up/fragrance and after my visit to Kiko back in August, I'm a huge fan of so much of their range. It was a real struggle to whittle it down to only 2 items (otherwise, this blog post would have been twice as long!). The two I've picked are the Anti-Age Foundation (in Linen Beige) and the Neo Muse Eye Palette.

Starting with the foundation and before I found this one, I would always have said that the one item in your make up bag you should spend money on is foundation and up until now, I always have. However, this Kiko one has impressed me more than any other. The colour and coverage is perfect and it lasts really well all day. I'm sceptical about the anti-age aspect of it but it's got a slight luminosity to help with fine lines. It's £11.10 in the sale at the moment - with a full price RRP of £15.90 and it's got an SPF of 15. I've been assured by the Kiko team in the Belfast shop that just because it's in the sale, it's not being discontinued...but I bought 2 just in case!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Something to look forward to || Day 10

I've discovered the perfect antidote to the 30 day wardrobe challenge - looking at new season collections and picking the things that I can buy in February!
HOWEVER - I'm going to struggle to wear some of the trends I'm seeing online - namely wide sleeves and ruffles so I'm expecting lots of frustration as I try them on. The main issue is that my arms are short - so the likes of this next top from Marks & Spencer, which I adore, is going to end up flapping around my knuckles. Fine for blog photos and for prancing about on coffee dates and trips to the city but completely frustrating for doing anything practical in the home or office. 
I will try it on in hope though and report back.
And now to ruffles. SO much of the new season has them down the arms and across both shoulders. This I can't do as I've already got quite developed arms and shoulders and I start to look like an Eastern European hammer thrower.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Day 6, 7 & 8 || Scarf Tying Advice

I'm just going to fire these pictures up as I'm not sure what more I can say about them....perhaps 'You've seen it all before'...or 'Yawn'? Starting with today's outfit which went to church and into Belfast briefly but mostly could be found in the kitchen.
Trainers - New Balance (similar on link)
Cashmere Knit - Gray & Willow (similar on link - not cashmere)
Cross Body Bag - Boden (past season)
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