Wednesday, 21 March 2018

What's on my Bedside Table...

My bedside table has had a bit of a makeover in the past month. It started when I replaced my old clock radio, which after about 10 years of faithful service was regularly wiping all the radio stations and more worryingly, the alarms 😱 So after a bit of googling, I went for this Phillips model from Argos which had good reviews and was only £19.99.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Laser Hair Removal | The Laser Clinic, Belfast

Since I did my swimming lessons last summer, I've been mulling over laser hair removal. But I had all the usual concerns about cost, effectiveness and pain. Given I'm a '5 minutes in the shower' kind of hair removal girl, would it just be more hassle than it's worth? Then we booked our holiday - the first time in a bikini for 10 years. It was time to do some research.

It's definitely something you need to get recommendations for as I've heard lots of mixed reviews from different places locally so when my skincare go-to expert, Katrina Doran (who blogs over at The Beauty Equation and has a brilliant Instagram profile) told me to speak to her friend Judith from The Laser Clinic, I did. The Laser Clinic is long time established in Ballymena but just recently opened close to me on the Lisburn Road, Belfast and I had driven past a few times and admired the lovely frontage and waiting area. I exchanged some direct messages with Judith and a date was made for me to come into the Belfast clinic.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

A Classic Camel Coat | Wardrobe Staples

I looked for years for the most perfect camel coat, with mixed success. I would find the colour I loved but not the shape, or vice versa. The search finally ended last year when I found the elusive mix of shape and colour in the Jaeger Outlet shop in Banbridge. 

It was an investment. From memory, even though there was an extra lot of discount on the day and I had some gifted vouchers, it was still about £150 and I was nervous of handing over the money but what an investment. As well as just looking amazing and giving me proper Marie Kondo joy every time I wear it, it's genuinely the warmest (non-padded) coat I own, thanks to the cashmere in the mix.

The two things I love about camel is how it warms up my cold but favourite grey and black clothes and how it works so well with my favourite print - leopard. As demonstrated so well with this outfit: 

Monday, 5 March 2018

Getting the legs out | Warehouse Sale & SS18

I had a quick look in what's probably my favourite shop, Warehouse last week. It's a dangerous one going in there as I always see something I want and that day was no exception because I fell in love with the Marianne print range. But there wasn’t a long dress - only a jumpsuit, which is gorgeous but I wanted it to be a long dress. I even mulled over having it altered (has anyone ever done that?? Jumpsuit to a midi dress? One to ask my friends at the zip yard next time I'm in)

The shorter, flippy style dress was lovely but would I wear it? It's been so long since I got the legs out in a short floral dress. Which is a shame as this is the time of year I feel happiest showing my legs thanks to opaque tights. On a whim, I bought it but held on firmly to my receipt. 

But when I put the dress on, the receipt was no longer required. Wearing it reminded me how youthful it can be to wear a shorter dress. The added bonus is that it's work appropriate and perfect for wet weather, where I struggle with longer dresses and skirts.
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