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Sunday, 19 February 2017

5 ways to sell your pre-loved clothes

I have been asked for many months to share the best ways to sell pre-loved items from your wardrobe. It's fair to say that most of us have at least a few items of clothing we could off-load. But for different reasons, we hold on to them. Mostly emotional reasons (guilt/attachment), sometimes life-changing reasons (following weight loss or gain) and in lots of cases, practical reasons...we don't have the time and are unfamiliar with some of the technology.

The easiest thing is to bag it for charity and as someone who has volunteered in a charity shop, I'm all for that but if you have items in your wardrobe that you invested decent money in or that still have labels attached, it's not unreasonable to look into trying to make back some of the money you paid for them.

Depending on what you're selling, there's usually a market out there willing to buy it - for the right price. This blog post outlines 5 ways to sell (and 1 way to swap out) items from your wardrobe. I've used all but 1 of them so I'll share with you my tips for each of the ones I've used and why I chose one over another based on the item and how easy I want the transaction to be.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Being Brave

This outfit got such an unexpected (to me) reaction on social media that it prompted me to blog about it. About how outside my comfort zone it pushed me and about how nervous I was to share it online.
Jumper - John Lewis Cashmere Crew Neck (almost all sold out now)
Skirt - Sinequanone
Boots - Ilse Jacobsen
both from via Sarah Jane Boutique, Magherafelt

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Minimal Jewellery || Lines & Current

I'm a huge fan of local jewellery and accessory company Lines & Current and was excited to buy my first piece back in January down in Banbridge - the Petra Pendulum earrings. I've worn them so much since I got them.....and for someone who hasn't worn an earring in years, that's saying something. They've totally restored my earring love...and luckily my little used piercings were still present.

Lines & Current is owned by Rebekah, a mum of two (with one on the way) who designs all the pieces herself, sticking to a simple, modern and uncluttered approach. Each piece is effortless and unique, yet it's all affordable - so as well as making a great gift for someone else, it's something you could easily treat yourself to.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Shopping with Danielle!

On Saturday, my kids were at a snow-tubing birthday party in the Craigavon Ski Centre (amazing idea for a party - really handy for Belfast and such great fun...kids had a ball) which meant I had a couple of hours to kill in the area and the first person I thought of was my friend Danielle, who also happens to be one of the Personal Shoppers in Debenhams in Rushmere. Danielle and I met years ago whenever we both started blogging and you may remember me featuring her on here before when she owned a boutique in Lisburn. Moving on a few years now, Danielle's shop has moved online and she's doing more of what she really loves - personal styling/shopping. As well as working in Debenhams, Danielle also does personal styling appointments in her own right where she's not affiliated to any particular shop. I need her to bring me around Zara some day!
Anyway, I was close to Rushmere and Danielle happened to be working that day so what better way to make use of the free time than to try on about 50 things in the comfort of the Personal Shopping suite...
As this was more of an impromptu appointment, instead of picking things for me in advance, Danielle instead walked around with me for 15 minutes or so and showed me some of the pieces she really likes from all the collections and between us, we accumulated rather a bit to try on. Some of it was stuff I knew I would like, others things I wasn't so sure about but was willing to try - because that's what's great about going to a personal shopper - it's about pushing yourself outside the comfort zone of buying the same old stuff over and over again!
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