The perfect school run coat

Finding the perfect school run coat is tricky. You need something waterproof & warm, yet stylish...not an easy combination. 

This debate even started one of the the longest threads on the Mumsnet Style & Beauty Board.

Having followed this thread for some time, I finally decided this Christmas to invest in a Merrell Wakefield from the site in the link. 

It was a good £60 cheaper than other websites and the delivery was brilliant. It only took a couple of days to arrive, the week before Christmas too!

Girls, believe the hype, it's a great coat. I have worn it every day since. The colour is neutral enough to match all outfits, it's warm without the bulk of a down coat and it's totally waterproof. To add to it, I get compliments about it all the time. I know it's expensive when we're all on a budget but I know I will wear this coat for a good many years. I paid a similar amount for a down coat last year in the sales and I didn't get half as much wear out of it as it's too warm for all but the most baltic of days - and there haven't been many of those this Winter.

Until this morning, I hadn't had a chance to really try it out in a good downpour. Verdict - it was great. No umbrella as I had to hold on to a little one but it kept me completely dry underneath.

Now all I need are some gorgeous waterproof boots to complete the look...but like the coat, they will be an investment piece and will have to wait until the next Christmas/Birthday. For now, my Fly Vale Wedge Boots will have to suffice. 

Not as waterproof as the coat but they look good and are very comfy. The second of my investment pieces from this Christmas. Will share the third and last one with you tomorrow... 

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