Another floral number...

Another lovely day and I did briefly consider getting my toes out...but then I caught myself on. Maybe tomorrow! However, today I did purchase a pair of sandals in TK Maxx and some sunglasses. Watch this space as I'll feature later in the week....if I decide to keep them. That's the downside to shopping with twins-you end up buying in a rush and having to return so much!
Today's outfit features the Boden Canterbury tunic, which is close to selling out as it's only £23 in their clearance sale.
You should be able to pick one up on eBay though as there are always a good few sellers on there with brand new past-season Boden stock.
I first saw this tunic a few weeks ago on Poppy's Style on Facebook and I think Joanna's photo captures the colour way better than mine or the official Boden photo...
I adore the neon pink detail and it looks great both with jeans and linen trousers so I'm looking forward to wearing it lots. With it today, I wore stone coloured mary janes as featured in this blog post, a cropped H&M cardigan and my H&M jeans that I dyed black but that ended up a lovely shade of navy!
See you all tomorrow :)

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  1. Anonymous13:22

    Hooray so glad you like it!!!


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