Being Upstaged

So one of my twins decided she wanted a piece of the action today. The cheek - she just ran in and posed as the photo was being taken!
So I swiftly bumped her out of the way for my photo because she's just too cute and distracting for you all! (and I promise she is not crying on the other side of that post box)

Today, I've got my Merrell coat on (AGAIN!), Hobbs brown boots, Tesco coloured jeans in bottle green (no longer available online but are instore in Newtownbreda), a white Benetton Top and a denim shirt by....wait for it...Gerry Weber! <blush> My mother would be proud! But I love the shape and fit - it's the only denim shirt I've ever liked and I've seen a lot of them in my quest. Here is a close-up..
I'm heading in for some minor surgery tomorrow morning (nothing serious and not plastic -more's the pity!) so the next few days' posts will feature my friends and fans. Hope you enjoy and I'll be back later in the week!



  1. Hope that you get on OK tomorrow. Love the boots and the small child, in no particular order!

  2. And I could have guessed which one it would be!! Better get used to it mummy xx

  3. Love the outfit and small child is so cute! Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow:)

  4. I really like your coat, and your daughter is gorgeous!xxx


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