Colour with Chinos

Another great day...further wardrobe quandaries! The weekend is looking cool so I'm reluctant to shed any more layers. However, we do need to make the most of this weather and get some lighter colours out. Thankfully, in the middle of my dilemma, Helen sent me this photo of a great in-between look that is on trend, spring-like yet with a cosy top layer...
Helen has matched her classic chinos from Topshop with a neon silky top from Warehouse, French Sole pumps and a black Zara Jumper (old).
Here's how to re-create Helen's look...

Topshop Chino in Blonde - £28
Warehouse Palette Top - £28
Oasis Monochrome Ballet Pumps - £15
Or you could go with the real thing from French Sole...
French Sole Sturdy Pump - £90
Gorgeous - those French Sole pumps are on my wish-list for sure. How are you dressing during this lovely sunny spell? And more importantly...have you got your toes out yet?!
See you tomorrow :)


  1. No toes out yet, need a pedi first!! But did buy a pair of red pumps for £26 from Evans (they do extra wide so my big feet are comfortable!) which makes my feet feel summery and at least I am out of socks/boots/converse footwear! Gap curvy jeans, white embroidered gypsy top and Kew grey linen blazer. Thats me today!

  2. I'd love a pair of French Sole pumps, firmly at the top of my shoe wishlist also (along with lots others!!) I wore my flip flops for all of ten minutes today before having to find something more sensible to drive in!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  3. no toes out yet but I have had bare feet in pumps. Have to take it step by step! I love the classic chino colour, it goes with so many things.

  4. The last pair look so pretyy!


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