I've been Gok'd

This morning, I took small fashion-obsessed child (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) and went to try out Gok's new range at Sainsburys. I picked my favourite pieces and took them into the changing room along with said child and a camera. Here are the results...
Loved the detail on the hangers
This dress is such a beautiful fit and the colours are gorgeous
Flared Hem Dress - £40
The belt has an unusual buckle
Loved this basic silky t-shirt - comes in 2 other colours and is very flattering on.
The short jacket on the hanger didn't suit me unfortunately :(
This is Gok's famous jersey dress with built-in support slip underneath.
It is so flattering with the knotted detail on the front.
Also comes in black but I tried on in green so you'd see the detail a bit better 
Finally, I tried on these lovely slim leg trousers which also come in several colours.
They are a nice fit though not very forgiving of lumpy legs
There are a few other pieces in the collection, which you can check out on this link.
My verdict? It's all rather formal so not practical for my lifestyle at the moment. If I still worked, I would immediately buy the jersey dress in both colours and the pencil skirt. 
My favourite piece by far was the patterned flare dress and it looked stunning on. How I wish I had something to wear it to. Oh, and small person voted it her favourite too but then pondered on the lack of Hello Kitty embellishment. A key trend for her this SS12 :)
So busy mum with limited budget bought the practical, on trend, silky t-shirt. It will look great with coloured jeans and over the summer with some white trousers.
Nice work Gok - a lovely capsule range, great colours and at a decent price-point but can we please have some practical, gorgeous, but less formal items in the next range for us SAHM's...pretty please? :)


  1. That laser print dress looks better on you than it does on model!trousers are very tempting.

    1. Thank you oh crazywalker (giggle). It is lovely though quite long so wouldn't suit a lovely petite girl like you. And the jersey one is long too. You'd have to have them altered. The cropped jackets would suit you though. You should go in for a try on and email me the pics!

  2. Anonymous15:58

    I was in Sainsburys this morning & looked for this range, but couldn't find it anywhere :( I expected it to be at the front though, maybe it was tucked away.

  3. i agree completely with comment on it all being a bit formal. I am a teacher and don't like to be too formal in work. Comfort is more important! But it does look good...

  4. There's some great workwear pieces in this collection - what Sainsburys did you find these in?

  5. Hi Sara, it was Sprucefield, Saturday morning. Lots in stock of all the range but not a great deal of smaller sizes! :)


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