Marnia Mania

The Marni @ H&M collection launched on Thursday morning at 9am. Not a huge fan of Marni, I wasn't planning to buy anything but I got sucked into the frenzy while confined to my bed and added a few things to my online basket. However, at the last minute, the pictures of the huge queues in H&M's across the country put me off a bit as it's a distinctive range and in a city as small as Belfast, you're sure to meet someone wearing it.
But then, on Friday morning, I happened to be in Belfast and wandered into H&M on Royal Avenue and saw two rails of Marni stock left - plus some necklaces, scarves, sunglasses and shoes! 

Despite the availability of a couple of items I had admired online, the only item I really liked in real life was the blue spotty pencil skirt. And my gorgeous photographer and husband offered to buy it for me - I call that a result!

After some wine while watching Gok on the Late Late Show (I recommend catching up on the RTEPlayer), I decided to model the skirt. And ouch, it was sore trying on clothes with stitches in my neck but I'm a martyr to the cause...

Verdict? Love the skirt a lot but I haven't got the right top to match in my wardrobe. Further shopping is required. But I am pleased by this result - any reason to shop is welcomed! Hints or tips anyone (other than a black polo neck!)?


  1. Love the skirt....soooo flattering. I would wear it with fsomething fitted in black, slash mech 3/4 summer ?fitted cream with nude shoes?

  2. Oops...slash neck!

    1. Thanks Claire...I like the sound of that x

  3. Marks and Spencers has a pretty awesome blouse at the moment that might look awesome in an 80s manner with this. I'm pretty sure this is navy. I love me some M&S (on occasions).

    1. Thanks Sara...I do like that blouse. Going to take a run out to M&S with the skirt on Wed night x

  4. I love the skirt! There was so many great pieces in the collection! :) I like how you've style it with the print top, I think the Marni pieces can look their best when mixed with other patterns for a full on Marni look!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk


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