Boden & Bootcuts

Happy Friday! I hope those of you with kids are still enjoying the Easter holidays. It's hard work when the weather is so unpredictable but at least there was more sunshine than showers yesterday...
so we're out in my mother-in-law's garden for the pictures and I'm wearing Boden bootcut jeans & a Boden short mac. We've had the discussion about Bootcut vs Skinny before.
I think you need a good pair of both styles in your wardrobe but in the case of boot cuts, heel height is everything...they need to skim the ground.
I got my bootcuts in the Boden sale last year. This link will take you to the new season version of these jeans but remember to google for discount codes before you buy. Now for the moody shot...
and the posey hair you see - I was getting all swishy with it <show off>
This short mac style is great if you want a more casual look than a regular mac. It's double breasted which is normally not great for all body shapes but the material is light enough to not add too much bulk to the frame. Let's have a look at the Bodenesque lining... 
and check out my Vila sparkly jumper from Room 31 Fashion - the gold threads were shining in the sun!
and here's a close-up of the Boden mac. I love their attention to detail. The buttons are great and the boat themed lining is very on trend, coral & nautical all in one! This jacket is no longer available on the Boden site but you do come across them on eBay - here's a new one in size 10.
and here's a close up of the jumper, paired with a necklace my 8 year old bought me for Christmas..
Ok...the kids have had enough of Mum on the computer so I have to run but I'd love to know what you think about boot cut vs skinny jeans. Which do you prefer? 


  1. I love the necklace with the Room31 jumper - just THE perfect accessory!

  2. I love everything about this outfit - it really suits you!

    1. Thank you! So kind of you. I'm an autumn so those colours are good for me - definitely helps! x

  3. Am Loving the hair, and the blog swishy indeed! Thats the hair not the blog ;-) I have a pair of Love story flared jeans that never fail to make an em! Here's the thing. During wet weather, rain can seep up the leg at an unnervingly fast rate, rendering skinnies the only way to go....yes yes yes, you are right, have both, have both, have both!

  4. Who wouldnt prefer a jean style that makes their legs look soooooo long?! But.....we still wear skinnies, sometimes fashion is mad! You look great, A, love the hair!

  5. Has to be bootcut - don't have the legs for skinny jeans!

  6. Tansy20:31

    I really love that tunic- would you mind me asking you what size you are and what size you bought ie. S,M,L- I would normally go for a M at 10-12 but could poss squeeze into a S?!

    Your blog is great by the way- I check in every day!

  7. Aww...thank you! Glad you enjoy the blog. The tunic is a M...and I definitely wouldn't get away with the S as it's neat enough around my tummy in the M. I'm a 10-12 also...sorry! I see the M is out of stock now. I can check with Ruth at Room 31 to see if it's coming back in again x

  8. Tansy21:31

    Thank you- yes, as I thought. I just spent a fair amount in GAP/DP with the various discount codes so probably for the best anyway!


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