A Child-Free Shopping Trip!

Today's photos are of an excited mama as I headed into Belfast for a couple of hours of child-free shopping! Children are seriously bad for retail sales. The amount of purchases I abandon and shops I never get inside when I bring kids with me...and don't start me on fitting rooms. But none of that was an issue today...
I'm wearing a grey blazer I picked up from the Tesco vintage range a few months ago, reduced from £40 to £5 in the sale! 
This jacket has lovely pleated lapels and a longer hem at the front than at the back. The latter is a nice detail but does prompt the question, 'does my bum look big in this?' Don't answer please. I don't care! If I did, I wouldn't wear a light pink top underneath. 
I know my bum is only going one way and while it still fits in size 10/12 jeans, I'm getting it out there for all to admire! Don't ever let your behind stop you wearing something you like - shake some booty girls because life's too short.
Wearing a great scarf I picked up in New Look after seeing it on one of my neighbours (thanks Lisa!). Love the mix of colours and it tones in really well with this long jersey top, also from New Look. H&M skinny jeans, Radley cross-body bag (perfect for hands-free shopping) and Carl Scarpa long boots finish the look. Oh, and before anyone brings up the fact that I pledged not to wear long boots again this side of September, when it came to it, I actually couldn't face wearing them and changed into my ballet pumps at the front door!
Have a great day today my friends x



  1. Anonymous11:19

    Looking lovely!! I love pink and grey together and what a bargain blazer!!

  2. Great blazer for the price! Love the scarf with it:) Have a good week!

  3. Love this jacket and scarf!! you look Fab!! Bum looks great!! xx

  4. Oh god I love that blazer. What a complete bargain! But most importantly, you haven't told us what you bought?!

  5. Your bum could never look big!! Love the look xx

  6. Love it...great look A.

  7. Hope you enjoyed your child free shopping day. Such luxury!

  8. You are absolutely correct about children being terrible for retail sales! My little monsters are the reason all my shopping gets done online these days! How I miss a nice dressing room with loads to try!

  9. An ideal shopping outfit, comfy, stylish and easy to pull off for changing. It is awful the way we've had to wear boots for so long this year. I can't wait to get my toes out.


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