So I did a bit of shopping...

Not like me at all, I hear you say! Come and see what I got in the only Victoria Square shop that I can afford to buy more than one item - H&M.
Firstly, I had been on the look-out for white skinny jeans as someone told me summer is coming...(after tomorrow's snow apparently)
I also got this great jumper at the bargain sale price of £7.
It's a warm cream colour and has an interesting detail on the back that I'll show you when I feature it. Can't do a link for it as it's not available online...sorry!
Long-line jumper - £7 (reduced from £20)
Clearly on a neutral theme, I picked up this breton top in oatmeal with a black stripe. I've a couple of outfit ideas for this one so it's going to earn its keep..
H&M £12.99
And as I waited in the queue, I thought 'what a boring old fart I am'. It's like beige central in my basket - next thing I'll be popping in for some elasticated polyester trousers in M&S. So I impulsively picked up a pop of colour....
You may think, what a lovely pink vest. But the camera does not do it justice. This is hardcore, highlighter pen, glow in the dark NEON pink. I could see it glowing through the shopping bag as I walked back to the car. Can I pull this one off? Watch this space. 
Though I'll have to wait until after the snow?! Yes, you heard me right...SNOW! Off to climb to the top of the wardrobe to drag down the knee high boots again I think. In the words of the brilliant Irish comedian, Pat Shortt...sure she’d be a lovely little country if you could only roof it!



  1. Lily08:49

    I bought that breton top (although mine is cream) while in Liverpool - I'll be interested in seeing how you style it!

    1. Lily, having tried it on this morning with endless possibilities, I'm not going to keep it! looked ok on in the shop but it's a bit short and I'm long in the body. Found I had to keep hoiking it down. So reluctantly, it's going back. I think breton tops look great with coloured jeans. Was also thinking I'd wear it with my black sleeveless knit tunic. The search goes on...

    2. Hey, that is going to be one of my criteria for another wardrobe clear out - anything I have to keep 'hoiking' heads to the black bin bag


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