A Tried & Tested Combination

In lots of ways, I'm a creature of habit and this includes fashion, believe it or not! I tend to find looks that work for me and that I like, and I do a bit of a Jackie O on it and buy all the colours in one item. I guess, you'd call it finding your style and it's not a bad thing as long as you don't get too set in your ways.
So today's a good example of one of my favourite combinations - patterned top, cropped cardigan, necklace, jeans. Here's a close-up..

The loose fit patterned top is the basis of the outfit and I work the cardigan and accessories around it. It's flattering around the tummy which is important if you're conscious of that area but if worn alone, would be too shapeless for my body shape (pear). The cardigan gives me the shape where I need it - at my slimmest part - under my bust.
As I've found this combination good for me, I now have this H&M cardigan in 4 different colours! Unfortunately, they don't make this exact style any more but they do have a similar one in 3 colours for £14.99
My Jeans are from the Ted Baker outlet - boot cuts again. My shoes are my Hobbs eBay bargains and my necklace was a gift. I'm going to be showcasing more necklaces over the next few weeks as they really pull an outfit together nicely - similar to a scarf but better for summertime.
Have a great weekend - my next post will be about my Dublin visit last this space - lots of photos to share!


  1. Great post Avril! I love cropped cardigans also and if I find one I like, I tend to buy a few in different colours!! Nearly as bad as my obsession with black trousers:) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I have a few cropped cards but have gone off them as larger bust seems to be emphasised?!!


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