A Spring Scarf on the Sofa

A new day and a new month - I cannot believe it's May already! 
Mini-me 1 took the photos today. I've got 3 year old twins and Mini-me 2 is really interested in fashion, in what she wears and what I wear but has no interest in photography. However, Mini-me 1 has no interest in clothes or fashion and wears whatever I lay out for her, but boy, does she love taking photos. And the thing is, she's really good at it! She takes her time, turns the camera this way and that and today, she even did a close up when I asked. Then she gave me a shy smile and handed back the camera. Love it! Here are the results..
Scarf - Soaked in Luxury (old)
Jersey Cardigan - Room31
Pink Vest - Room31
Tan Loafers - Hobbs (via eBay)
I wore this outfit a few weeks ago while cavorting in the local park (and getting told off for going on the swings!) but today I've added the Soaked in Luxury scarf, which picks up all the colours so nicely. Here's the close- up..

This scarf is the perfect weight for this slightly warmer weather. I've to head into Belfast today to pick up something to wear in a photo-shoot so I wanted to be able to go without a coat as I've quite a bit of running about to do. This scarf allows me to do this as it will keep the chill off my chest...my mother WILL be pleased - all those years of saying that to me finally pay off :)
Will tell you more about my photo-shoot tomorrow. Have a great day!


  1. Impressive talent!! She's a clever girl. Takes after her mummy xx

  2. What a beautiful scarf! Gorgeous colours and the perfect size. Love it!

  3. Aww little pet - I'm quite impressed actually. My 4yo would prob have snapped my feet. I didn't know you had 3yo twin girls - how adorable!!

    Love the scarf & that shade of teal.

    Nic x

  4. Anonymous21:44

    I prefer this more Bohemic look on you. I think accessories are the key here. By the way, I have zero interest in fashion or motherhood, but I am interested in folks who appear to be having fun in their life, like what you are doing. Anyway, with your fab figure, I'd go with skinny jeans and simple tops, jazzed up with nice scarves and/or those great necklaces you have a good eye for.

  5. Anonymous21:44

    p.s This style suits you way more than the stripes in the previous posts.


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