White Jeans & More Shoes!

I'm actually working today - a proper ex-career consultancy opportunity that came up out of the blue. So the blog may be slightly neglected for 48 hours or so. Though I will do the Marks & Spencer draw later on this evening. This is your last chance to enter!
I'll post on Wednesday what I wore today and tomorrow at work - it's smart casual so not full on corporate dress thankfully. Today's photos are from the other day when I wore rather a lot of white..
Donna Ida (jeans guru) says that white jeans are actually more flattering than pastels/pale blue
so I embrace this as I love my white jeans and have been so excited to wear them now the weather has finally got that summer vibe.  
Another day of H&M love today as my jeans & my shirt are both from there. The shirt is an old one I bought when pregnant. It's not maternity but has an empire line so was useful during the early months. The jeans are the basic £14.99 skinny trouser so they are a light cotton, rather than denim material. They're available in lots of colours. I bought an orange pair this week also. Can't wait to wear them!
I struggled to find a nice long shirt for you in the khaki colour I'm wearing but Very have this lovely one available in white and chocolate for just £22.
Here's a close up of my necklace - another hand made one-off. This one I picked up at Belfast's George's Market last year.
My shoes are from TK Maxx and I've worn them lots this week
They're not available online but I spotted these similar ones by Geox on the TK Maxx website:
And lots of other gorgeous sandals on this link too, including some Steve Madden ones for only £24.99. But I must look away as I just bought two pairs of sandals in Matalan! Desperate for a couple of inexpensive coloured sandals, I spotted these and couldn't resist. These red ones are just £12 and I'm going to wear them with the maxi dress I picked up at my clothes swap.
I also picked up a totally simple black sandal - I had some black ones in storage but when I dug them out this weekend, they were in bad shape so went in the bin. I just loved the simplicity of these little sandals for just £8:
I know it looks like I never stop buying shoes but the truth is, I buy many but return lots of them. I'm very fussy about what I keep. And it seems that you guys like to join me in my shoe journeys so I'm opening up about the buying addiction. It's good to talk apparently...but please don't talk me out of it!! :)


  1. Hi Avril! Love the shirt with the white jeans. I have been wearing white jeggings as I need to buy new white jeans soon. Your sandals are lovely with the outfit. Have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. Love the jeans I finally bought a new pair of white skinnies today after busting the zip on last years pair.
    Good luck with the work, bet you are already mentally spending the proceeds, I would be
    Lucy xx

  3. I don't know what I did with my white jeans, but i didn't see them when I got my summer clothes out on Saturday x

  4. Looking great Avril ! Made me put my white jeans on too.

  5. Love those shoes and white jean combo
    Good luck with your work project..



  6. Hi. I'm so glad that white jeans have been given the go ahead. I'm a 42 year old mother of 4 and really didn't know if I could carry them off but absolutely love your outfit today. I must admit that I am a bit of a disaster with anything white. I'm like a child in that I can only manage to keep clean for half of the day (if I'm lucky!).

  7. Denise12:15

    Hi Avril. Just received my red flower sandals from Matalan and I LOVE them, thank you :-) I find it hard to buy little strappy ones as I take a wide fitting, but these are lovely and really comfy. x


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