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I don't often talk about beauty products but I've had some products sent to me so I'm planning on doing a beauty blog once or twice a month when I think there's something you might all like to hear about.
I'm a big fan of bronzer. Most pale girls like me will look better with some subtle, well applied colour hence it's the most used item in my make-up bag. So I was pleased when Marks & Spencer sent me one of their New Limited Collection bronzers to try! Here's a close up:

Compared to the bronzer I usually use (Estee Lauder) this M&S one is a bit looser and as I swirled the brush around, it picked up more product than I would want so I was more gentle with my second swirl!
As with all bronzers, you should apply it like a number 3 on your face. Start at your forehead, swirl around your eye to your nose and again across your cheekbone, along your jaw to your chin. Use a tiny amount, build it up and sweep the brush down your neck and over your d├ęcolletage. Here are some before and after pictures - this was scary..full closeups! You may want to step back from the computer a bit.. ;)
And here's the final face after some eye make up and lippy! 
 Final touches - the bling is on and I'm ready to go...have a great Saturday!
Skinny Jeans - £11, Grey T-shirt - £3, Statement Necklace - £4, all Primark. 
Blue Shoes from Deichmann - similar on this link

There's a nice tutorial on applying bronzer on Channel 4 Beauty here

Hope you enjoyed my first beauty blog...remember to leave a comment if you want more of the same occasionally, or indeed, if you don't! :)


  1. Great blog will give this bronzer a try

  2. oooh you reminded me my bronzer is finished !
    Good blog, love seeing beauty tip as as well as fashion.
    Have a lovely Saturday!

  3. Yay, it will be lovely to see some beauty posts on your blog :) - I agree that less is more with this bronzer... I found a loose haired brush worked best as it picked up less product and gave a more subtle finish. At least it will last a long time as so little is needed! :)

    Nic x

  4. Anonymous20:25

    I really liked this post! Never wear bronzer myself as I'm far too pale but at least now I know how to apply it should I ever want to try :D xx

  5. Thanks for all the comments! I think I'll do another beauty post then next month :) Avril x

  6. Whoa!! You look great.. :) A loose bronzer always works magic. I have used a local one which is also good. It should always suit your skin color too..

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