A Jubilee Day Out feat. Kaleidoscope

Given the weekend that was in it, I thought the family better do something vaguely Jubilee related. It's fair to say that the Jubilee wasn't really happening over here in Northern Ireland to the same extent as the rest of the UK, which is probably why they gave us the Olympic torch for the weekend! However, for those of us who wanted to mark the occasion, there was a brilliant Jubilee Carnival held in Belfast City Hall on Monday and I headed in with the girls and my mother in law to enjoy the free entertainment on offer!

And given there was a chill in the air, I was able to wear the great outfit sent to me by Kaleidoscope this week. Now, let me tell you a little story here. My mother in law has always received a Kaleidoscope catalogue in the post and my father in law was forever asking me to chose something from it and he'd buy it for me. I politely declined assuming it was too 'mature' for me. 7 months after my father in law sadly passed away, I got an email inviting me to chose a complimentary outfit from the catalogue and I couldn't help but wonder if he was trying to get his way from beyond the grave! I decided to take on the challenge and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of items I found that I liked.
So what did I choose? First up is this denim shirt with a great pleated detail on the front and at only £22.50, it's a bargain! Lovely quality and nicely fitted. It's a perfect way to style up coloured jeans, which brings me on nicely to these magenta jeans. I've been looking for this colour everywhere so am thrilled with them and seriously, for £21, you couldn't go wrong! They do seem to come up big so size down if you're in-between.
If like me, you're always looking for long line vests, this one is great. It's a lovely weight, not see through like so many and I wish it came in more colours. At £12, it's a perfect basic buy. Finally, I couldn't believe that I still had enough money left to buy this navy short mac..
This is going to be a great addition to my wardrobe. I love navy and find it more wearable all year round than black. It's lightweight so perfect for this in-between weather and retails at just £39. 
In total, my outfit cost less than £100 and the best bit is that these are pieces that integrate really well into my existing wardrobe so you can look forward to seeing how I style them in other ways over the coming months. Thank You Kaleidoscope!
By the way, it was a great privilege to be able to take these photos inside City Hall. Normally, you are not allowed on the staircase up to the chambers. My mother in law was very patient with me and my temperamental camera!

Before I sign off, a couple of other shots from City Hall and the Continental Market outside
 Two little girls turning into butterflies!
 Jazz Band in the Foyer
Sweets - yum!
Plants for sale beneath the giant screen
Happy girls eating ice-creams with Granny!
The perfect end to a perfect day :)

Note: Although the items were supplied to me for free, I did chose them myself and as in the case of all my reviews, my opinions are my own. If I hadn't liked what I'd been sent, you wouldn't be seeing it here today!



  1. What a lucky girl you are - great choices.

  2. Anonymous11:21

    Love the mac!

  3. Anonymous11:23

    Your mother-in-law is a stylish lady!

  4. Lovely choices Avril! You look fab in that mac:) The twins are so cute... looks like everyone had a great day out:)

  5. I like the fuchsia denim on you. Just the perfect cut for your figure. I can't get enough of colored denim at the moment. It's spring after all :)

    It's all happening here in England. There are street parties as well as THE big one right in town.

  6. Anonymous13:30

    I love the navy mac too! Jolene

  7. Actually quite fancy that mac!! still havent embraced the coloured jeans yet! heehee....it's gettin a pair to fit me...i think I'm a size 11 lol!

  8. I love the jeans!!!!!

  9. Those jeans look fab.

  10. WOW! this is the 2nd blog i have read today with outfits from Kaleidoscope . I'd never actually heard of it before now but what fab clothes!!! In the favourites ready for another pay day! My hubby will be pleased! lol x

  11. I have them exact same jeans only mine are from River Island :-) Love this post! xx

  12. I'm impressed - I've always assumed Kaleidoscope was more my mum's style....... You look lovely, I think F-I-L would have been very pleased xx

  13. I love your outfit! The magenta jeans are gorgeous and I love your coat!! I want it, lol <3 x

  14. Joanna17:08

    Love the Mac - very stylish! :)


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