Bird Print & Sunday Lunch

There are lots of gorgeous patterned dresses in the shops at the moment and thanks to the rubbish weather, most of them are in the sales. But the main complaint I hear is that they are mostly too short....but in my book - the shorter, the better because if a dress is short enough, it becomes a tunic!
And at what point does a dress become a tunic? When it falls half way between the hip and the knee. Any longer and it looks wrong with jeans/leggings. It can be shorter as long as you have the all important bum coverage!
So meet my new tunic...picked up early in the sales at House of Fraser. It was reduced from £40 to £24 and I adore the colours and print..
Dress - House of Fraser
Blazer - H&M (similar on link)
Necklace - Room 31 (similar on link)
It got its first outing on a trip to the Dunadry Hotel in Co. Antrim, where we headed for Sunday lunch. No cooking for me so I was a happy smiley mum! We had a lovely walk around the gardens....
Jeans - H&M
Bag - LK Bennett
Pumps - Clarks (last seen here)
I'm liking the turned up jeans combined with the longer tunic and blazer. While I suit the structure a blazer brings to an outfit, mixing up the lengths like this stops it all looking too formal. What do you think?

My bird print dress is unfortunately out of stock but I found this gorgeous one in Dorothy Perkins for just £ you think I can justify more than one birdy dress in my wardrobe?!



  1. Looks fab on you - very elegant.

  2. It looks gorgeous. I would've purchased had it not been out of stock :'(

    And you can never have too many bird prints in your wardrobe ;)

    Louise x

  3. Anonymous12:07

    There is always room for bird print ;) and cats, and horses etc lol I love prints but find there isn't a great range of really budget friendly clothes with those type of prints to them. The cuckoo necklace is gorgeous! xx

  4. What a find - just lovely! x

  5. Really suits you - I wish I could wear all those nude colours but they just wash me out... I think they must require either dark skin or dark hair - don't seem to work with pale everything!

    I'm a tad bird print obsessed too, also partial to a butterfly ;)

    Nic x

  6. Anonymous18:23

    I need a stone blazer!!!!!!bother!
    Claire H

  7. Anonymous21:39

    my friends are already making fun of me because of my obsession with bird-prints... but I think you can never have too many bird-stuff... :)

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