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Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Glorious 12th!

Haven't done many outfit posts over the past couple of days as I've been so busy prepping posts for when we're on holidays! So this is a short, I am wearing my Boden Taupe Breton Top with H&M boot cuts (last seen here) and my Primark cream & gold pumps. My scarf is from H&M also.

It's the 12th of July here in Northern Ireland which means about 50% of the population is gone on holidays and the rest of us spend the day either out at the Orange marches or at home counting down the hours until the roads/shops open again!
Here's my wee man (and part-time photographer) up at what's called 'The Field' listening to some of the bands as they come in from the marches to have a rest.
Any excuse for an ice-cream!
It's controversial but a big part of the culture up here and the (not from Northern Ireland) event manager/marketer in me can't help thinking it's a huge missed opportunity for the country. It has tried over recent years to become more of a family festival but there's still a while to go before that happens. But being from the south of Ireland, I like my kids to experience the fun aspects of both sides....and the ice-cream too!
Watch out for tomorrow's post as I share with you my capsule wardrobe for going away...can I survive for 2 weeks with 35 items? 


  1. Cannot wait to see the capsule packing post !!

    1. joneshazy@gmail.com12 July 2012 at 19:41

      Maybe we need Avril to help us pack - could be a new career for her?

    2. Always available for a suitcase edit long as I can come with you to whatever sunny place you're heading! Avril xx

  2. I live near Southport and there is always a big parade in the resort. Scores of coaches filled with little Williams and Marys and their booze-soaked relatives travel into the town from Liverpool.
    When I was a reporter for The Liverpool Echo I used to cover the parade. I always enjoyed the chaos of it all.
    I look forward to seeing yoru capsule.

    1. I never knew that - amazing! Hard to believe it goes on outside of NI but I believe there are marches in Canada also. The booze flows here does get messy! xx

  3. What a lovely outfit. I know this is an old post but I've just discovered your blog. I have found it hard to find clothes that are not too high fashion or too short! Your blog has opened my eyes to a whole new wardrobe. It's also refreshing to hear your views on the 12th of July. As an outsider (Scottish) I too wanted to partake in the local culture when I lived in NI. I celebrated the glorious 12th and St Patrick's Day - Best of both worlds. I'm now in Wales married to an Ulsterman.I look forward to future posts. Take Care. TJ

    1. Hi Tracy-Jane, thanks for your lovely comment - I'm so pleased you've found the blog and that you're finding it's helpful for your own wardrobe. It's helpful for mine too! I'm constantly evolving and changing - reading lots of other blogs now for inspiration as the whole fashion thing doesn't really come naturally to me and I want to keep moving with it all and not get stuck in a rut. Lovely to get your perspective on the 12th too - it's an interesting time of year here for sure! Have a Happy Easter, Avril x


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