Summer Scarf Tutorial

Following on from my Vintage Pintage post, I had some requests to show you how I tied my scarf so here goes! I use this method for summer scarves as it means the scarf is not tight around the neck during the warmer weather and also because it is a looser more open style, better suited to lightweight summer scarves.

I'm using my H&M cotton striped scarf, which about 150cm long and 50cm wide:
Step 1: fold the scarf diagonally - opposite corner to opposite corner like this:
Step 2: Tie a knot where the two corners meet:
Step 3: Hang around your neck with the knot at the back:
Step 4: Twist the scarf to create a loop:
Step 5: Loop the lower part over your head:
Step 6: Play around with the other two corners by pulling through the loop until you get the scarf sitting the way you like it..and Voila!
And just to show you how much nicer this more open style is, here's a picture of a loop:
Have I inspired you? Next step is up to you - get those scarves out and show me your School Gate Scarf Style!! Photos to and I'm off to rustle up a wee prize! x



  1. I am all over this tomorrow, will send pics x

    1. Excellent!! Thank you - can't wait to see them! Avril x

  2. Carrie7421:47

    Yay! Thank you for the tutorial. I seem to be wearing mine in a massive bow a lot at he mo, will try to post a pic

    1. You're welcome Carrie - thanks for suggesting it! Looking forward to seeing your pic tomorrow. Hope I explained it well :) x

  3. Anonymous23:02

    Very well explained, going to try that tomorrow Gina x

  4. Anonymous11:21

    Just done this with the scarf I'm wearing today and it looks great - thanks Avril! Emma xx

  5. Definitely one to try out, Thanks Av!

  6. Love the way you wear your scarf. Fab scraf.

  7. Justine17:02

    Fab! Will try it!

  8. I'm so doing that style tomorrow. Finally something stylish Regina can do!! Great description very clear

  9. Anonymous17:16

    Thank you, I have been wondering how to wear them in the summer! :)

  10. Thank you lovely will give it a go & may even enter your comp! ;)

    Nic xx

  11. Helen20:29

    Will definitely try this; would never have thought of wearing a scarf like that. I'm loving scarves at minute as they are great pregnancy bump minimisers!! I've just bought the amazing one featured on the doesmybumlook40 blog from M&S.

  12. Anonymous21:22

    Am sooo trying this tomorrow! Lynne

  13. Thanks so much for the link Avril
    will give it a go tomorrow and let you know!

    x Fiona


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