More orange on the rocks....

Totally wiped after a long day at the corporate event. It was a productive time with a great team of people but once again, I didn't get any blog photos - sorry! My excuse this time is that I couldn't hang around after the event finished to get the photos done as I had an interview to do on BBC Radio London...I think that's a pretty good reason?! 
So instead, I'm sharing an outfit from last week. This is what I wore on the drive up to the coast and the photos were taken on the rocks at Portstewart promenade as the sun was going down on our first evening. The kids could spend hours here scrambling over the rocks and hoking in rockpools with sticks. My young man was kind enough to take my photos before he did some crabbing..
Wearing a Vero Moda short sleeved sheer jersey cardigan from Room 31 which I wore lots last week. It's lovely and light but has the all-important bum coverage for wearing over skinnies! My white vest is from Primark, scarf from this previous post and jeans from H&M.
Loved that I got to wear these suede River Island sandals that I bought a couple of summers ago but have hardly worn due to rubbish weather:
PS the Room 31 sale has started. Some great bargains to be had with up to 80% off. If you get a minute, do pop over for a look. I'm off for a peek myself now!



  1. Going to have to check out Room 31 sale now! Love the cardie and sandals! x

  2. Very nice outfit! It' so cool you've done an interview on BBC Radio!

    Have a lovely week,
    Manu Luize.

  3. The cardi is now only £10 at
    Hope the radio interview went well x x

  4. I love this outfit - the cardigan, the scarf, the jeans, the shoes - brilliant and WELL DONE on the interview for BBC Radio London - I'd be very excited at that!

  5. Orange has to be my favourite shade of the summer. Looks lovely on you.

  6. Oh avril thanks so much for ur lovely comment ur so kind Im bit behind on catching up to as Im busy in work and baby sitting all the time i help my sister out. Wow lucky u interview on radio London good for u i hope u enjoyed it. U look fabulous what a great figure u have i love the jeans and fab river island sandals Im to porky for this look. Looks like u all hada great day isnt ur son very good taking ur photo for u. Great shots to. Have a great day hope ur getting some good weather bit crappy here kisses from Dublin xx Leo.

  7. Hi Avril! Lovely is a favourite of mine too! Your shorts look fab in the previous post... having great legs helps!! If you are passing through tomorrow drop me a DM or e mail and we can link up if it suits!
    ~Anne xx

  8. congrats on the radio interview!

    ♥ ThankFifi
    p.s. can hardly believe it's been a year either - thanks so much for your very lovely comment.x

  9. Your sandals are so cute, and love the orange!

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Hi Avril! Gorgeous pictures and I am loving those shoes and that scarf! Thanks for your comment, and the shoes I am wearing are unfortunately not current and were bought many years ago! I hope that you have a great day!! xx Pip

  11. Anonymous16:41

    The orange is lovely but the scarf is HUGE and looks a bit OTT!!

  12. Anonymous16:42

    meant to add that you always look lovely though!! ts just my personal opinion on the scarf - don;t want to sound mean!!

  13. I love the colourful scarf you had on! And those sandals are right up my cup of tea!! :)
    Thanks for your input on my Celine mini luggage :)
    I am following your blog!
    ps your kids are all so cute!!

  14. You look so adorable! Love the colorful scarf and sandals combination! Following you on bloglovin dear. Lets keep in touch!

  15. I love the massive scarf, oversized scarves are the best!


  16. Avril,

    did you have a post on how to tie the scarf
    I thought I read one on your blog
    but can't find it....

    maybe I'm losing my marbles!

    If you did have one can you point me in the right direction
    as I bought a scarf something similar today and would like to
    tie it properly!



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