Autumn Must Have Number 5 - Cross Body Bag

My last Autumn Must Have is a cross body bag to leave your hands free for carrying lunch boxes and holding little hands! But not just any old cross body bag - a colourful, on trend one that all the other mammies will want too!
Zatchels Classic Green - from £76
The traditional satchel style bag has had a great revival and companies like Zatchels have taken the trend and made it fun and stylish. Their website has an amazing selection of styles and colours. I love the green for a pop of colour but I think this pewter one is brilliant for using day in, day out. There's not much it wouldn't look fab with...
Zatchels Pewter Metallic - from £99
Fellow Irish woman, the immensely talented Orla Kiely has a great selection of oil cloth cross body bags in her trademark gorgeous prints...
Tapestry Stem Bag - £140
Now that my youngest two are almost 4, I've enjoyed downsizing my daily bag to something much cuter and lighter. So if you're in that place too, you might like this French Connection bag...
French Connection - £75
This next bag is a smaller version of the famous Zara shopper (which is way too big and impossible to find your car keys in). It comes in a less obvious tan colour also...
Zara Mini Shopper - £39.99
Boden never fails to deliver each season with their gorgeous handbags. If you like to keep your animal print to accessories, you might like this cross body bag...
Richmond Bag - Boden £129
A couple of less well known brands next, in two very versatile colours...
Label Lab @ House of Fraser - £39.20
Misha Barton - £49
And no list of gorgeous bags would be complete without the ultimate lust bag...the Mulberry Antony Messenger Bag - for the price of an average monthly mortgage payment. It's all about priorities, isn't it?!
Mulberry Antony - £450
Back to normal next week with the blog. I've enjoyed a few days away from the camera telling you about my 5 autumn School Gate Style essentials. Hope you've had a chance to read the other four. Click on any of them to read: 
Don't forget to photograph your school gate style and email it to me - the competition is open until the 14th of September - plenty of time to get those pictures taken! Have a great Friday x


  1. Adventuresofanunfitmother10:10

    I'm a sucker for animal print so the Boden one's my pick!

  2. Green is my favourite colour - I've fallen in love with the green satchel - absolutely gorgeous! x

    1. Karen Gribbon11:21

      My fav too!

  3. Love the green one. Would love it even more if it was a little bit cheaper!

  4. Love Orla Kiely - already have that style bag in two different patterns (sample sale a few months ago, the joy!) but truly, the Mulberry is in a league of it's own. Really enjoyed all the posts this week Avril. You gave us lots to think about .. and lust after!!! Have a good weekend

  5. Would love one of the satchels, am always tempted by Orla Kiely bags (have a few already!) and love the tapestry print. I couldn't resist any longer and ordered a Richmond bag from Boden but in the tan option, and I could quite easily succumb to the Zara shopper! Bags are my downfall!

  6. Pity your next birthday is such a long way off!! lol

  7. Pity your next birthday is such a long way off!! lol

  8. some great bags hun, i love the zatchels they are like my cambridge satchel bag. I love the house of fraser mustard color bag and the boden, i do love boden items, they are great quality. I dont like across the shoulder bags though i tend to shorten the straps and use a bobby pin to secure to my coat, this is because i am top heavy and i find the across the body bags make my boobs look huge and my belly protrudes out more (im trying to hide it lol) some fab choices though hun, love your posts x

  9. Anonymous13:26

    Lots of great bags, especially adore the green satchel <3

  10. I have an Orla Kiely and a DKNY cross over style which I use all the time when shopping! Great choices Avril... hope you have a good weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

  11. I want that green bag!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. Carrie7417:12

    I've got a Mulberry Anthony, bought from the outlet store about 4 years ago, and it's had almost daily usage since. It really is the perfect day bag.

  13. What a wonderful series of posts. Love the animal print bag. Absolutely fabulous finds.

  14. OMG I am in LOVE with the metallic satchel! It would go with everything! So easy to throw on and go! Have a fanulous weekend pretty lady!
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed

  15. Love these bags! xo.

  16. The Cambridge Satchel Company is THE place for fantastic satchels. My daughter's got a silver one and I bought one in navy blue. They're brilliant.

  17. I agree with House with No Name...the Cambridge company has AMAZING options!!!
    And I think a crossbody bag is a necessity for all have no idea how much easier it makes your life ;)

  18. Anonymous04:03

    I like the Anthony bag!! Is it the bigger size. Do you think it's a man bag or feminine??

    1. Well I have two friends who own one and I think they look great. It is more of a casual bag though. Having said that, I have a friend who wears hers to work. It's just not really a going out bag I guess! If I could afford a Mulberry, it would be my first choice! Avril x

  19. Anonymous09:21

    Hey Avril thanks for your post back. Do your friends have the large Antony ?.. I see mums with the little version and it's no way big enough.. At the moment I seem to have all my bag content everywhere . A disorganised twin mom : ).. I like the oak colour it can get bashed around a bit and look lived in.

    I am saving up for the big one " lifetime purchase ". I just always worry i won't look feminine. Any advice welcome - why is it so difficult to make the decision ! Xxx Victoria

    1. I have one friend with the large one in brown - she's a busy mum of 2 toddler boys. The other friend has the smaller one but her kid is still a baby so she's got the baby bag and handbag thing on the go still. I would go with the bigger one myself.
      If I were you, I'd go to somewhere that sells them (or a friend who has one) and take pictures of you wearing both sizes before you make the decision. It really helps with a big purchase like that. Or if you know anyone travelling east - I've a friend with an amazing Anthony she got in Hong Kong for £100! Hope that helps! xx


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