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Fitting in this quick one as I've been asked by so many of you about blogs for curvy girls. Unfortunately, there are not many out there - I guess there are fewer curvy women who are confident about blogging their personal style? I don't know but what I do know is that you need a thick skin to blog - I speak from experience! So here goes...

I recently met the stunning Louise from Style Me Curvy at the Marks & Spencer Ireland AW12 launch. Louise is a plus sized model (not in my eyes but in the fashion industry's eyes). She has a gorgeous blog where she shares pictures from the modelling work she does as well as her own personal style.
I've also followed Ashley over at A Fashion Fixation for a while. I love her style - she luckily lives in warmer climes so is still in her skirts with bare legs…lucky girl! 
Jessica Kane is more than a blogger, she's a stylist, confidence crusader and entrepreneur. You'll love her site - Life and Style of Jessica.

Ariana is in her 20's and I just wished she posted more often over at Fat Fatale Fashion

Allison over at Curvy Girl Chic has such a beautiful blog design and always inspires me with her gorgeous photography

Of course I have to mention Avenue 57, where real women post their own daily photos. It's like 20 or more style blogs in one place each day! And it's more 'real' than a lot of blogs..
It's where I met Fashion Mommy, another stylish curvy girl. Emma blogs about her personal style as well as regularly featuring discounts and deals. 

I hope you enjoy these curvy blogs as much as I do. Please share any others that you know of - there is no one style blog that will tick all the boxes - even my wonderful blog - I know you find that hard to believe! ;) The more blogs you look at with different shapes and styles of blogger, the more you'll get a feel for what you like and don't like and for what might suit you. Till next time...



  1. lot of women look for curvy women styling outfits, and this could be helpful to alot ! Style is for everyone, and i totally agree !

  2. I wasn't aware of some of these other blogs so thank you for sharing, and of course thank you for mentioning Avenue 57 :-)
    I really want all women of any size to feel good about themselves and that can be done by being inspired by others to wear x,y or z items - we all have the ability to be inspired and to inspire others ourselves.


  3. What about me, I'm a size 16 and only 5ft 2 but then again I am not very confident with photo's, some curvy girls are photogenic despite their size, I was never photogenic even when I was thin!

    1. Thanks Sharron…I should have included you too - sorry! I was focused on outfit posts I guess and knew you didn't do as many of those. But you are too hard on yourself - you should do more photos of you - you have great style x

    2. I follow your blog Sharon and love your great style!

  4. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
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  5. I'm not curvy but like reading curvy girl blogs as it's much harder to dress a curvy body shape, all the tall and skinny ones look great in anything so the curvy bloggers perhaps have to have more natural style to look good, if you know what I mean.

  6. Anonymous14:57

    Great post Avril! I agree with Treasure n Pleasure, I'm not curvy but I love reading all types of fashion blogs. They have great style, looking forward to checking out the blogs! Nx

  7. Great post Avril, great ideas and variety. Great to have a look at all d blogs. Style is for all:-)

    Any luck on getting d Report Wedges?

    Gave a good Halloween:-)

    Siobhan x

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by my sock bun post today. I'm going to be trying the style myself for the first time today:)

  9. I beg to differ. There are lots of very confident sylish curvy and plus size bloggers out there. They are just out of the radar from the mainstream fashion scene because plus size is still considered flawed. Who could learn about style from a plus size woman, right? Yet these bloggers can easily deliver lessons in style. THey are all sizes, all styles and they are all over the world. This is just a short (yes, short, counting all the curvy and plus size blogs I've seen) list of my favourite ones I've compiled for you. Would you please write another quick post for those readers of you who requested curvy blogs? incredibly stylish and beautiful. Tall and curvy. San Francisco, USA Amazing plus size. FRANCE Curvy and 40+. ITALY Young curvy fashionista. New York, USA Curves empowering. NETHERLANDS. This woman is not afraid of colour and wear every outfit for work. USA Cute 23 yo. Sweetest face. USA Another young curvy blogger. Posts everything before work in a lab. USA SWEDISH currently living in the USA SPAIN Not afraid of her curves! USA So self-confident that even posts swimwear. USA petite and curvy. Great style advice. USA currently preggers, but also a school gate stylist. USA Fun outfits. USA USA Young everyday style. USA
    THe next two blogs I don't follow just because their style is too far from what I would be comfortable with wearing. Along them there are dozens others I am not including here for the same reason: USA USA
    Each blogger will lead you to at least one other curvy blog so it is possible each of your curvy readers will find one blogger whose style they'll love. BTW, I follow you daily even if I weigh possibly 3 times what you do, but I love your style, and even if many of your outfits would not look good on me, I can find inspiration in the combination of colours and materials. As my favorite curvy bloggers say "Style has no size"

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  11. oops! Not 3 times, but almost twice as much yes :-D Thanks for this post, btw. It helps to open up the fashion scene for us curvies. Does it tell English is not my native language? I know I am too blunt for English speaking cultures but even if I know the language very well, I still don't manage the subtleties that could come across as offensive or aggressive. Its funny how when an American, for example, is learning Spanish, they say way too many "por favor" and "gracias" (please and thank you). We don't use those nearly as much!

  12. Awww, yay! Thanks for the shout out!


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