A Titanic Day Out

Monday was an exceptional closure day in my son's school but nursery was still open so we took the opportunity as a family of 3 to visit Northern Ireland's newest attraction, Titanic Belfast. It opened earlier this year and has been a resounding success, so much so, we avoided it over the busy summer season. Surely it wouldn't be busy on a November Monday morning, first thing? 
We arrived early and enjoyed coffee and a scone in the coffee shop:
As we sat enjoying our coffees, bus-loads of people were arriving - the place was buzzing! Great to see on such a miserable cold day.
We spent a good 2 hours or so walking through the exhibits-Callum enjoyed the interactive screens and kid friendly activities. And he paid his way by taking photos of mum for the blog.
Jumper, Scarf & Neon Vest - H&M (last seen here/here/here)
Jeggings - Warehouse
Boots - Hobbs (similar)
Handbag - Vintage Pintage
Coat (just seen) - Merrell Wakefield
I wore my H&M open back jumper with a neon top underneath, as it tied in really nicely with the neon stripe on my H&M scarf (picked up at my personal shopping day in September - see this link). Hubby told me it looked like a giant mouth on my back!
Here's a close up of the colours and how they tie together with my vintage necklace from local shop, Jacob Street, on the Lisburn Road.

Did a mirror shot in the gift shop showing the vast amount of Titanic related stuff for sale…some of it verging on tacky and some tacky with a capital 'T' :
But all in all, it was a great day out, reasonably priced and made me feel very proud of my home city…especially when I read this quote from National Geographic:
Off now to plan another wee giveaway on the blog. Watch out for more information at the weekend..especially if you're a handbag fan! Have a good evening. I'm heading to choir later. Nothing like a bit of singing to wake you up when you're feeling exhausted. See you tomorrow..


  1. Sounds like a great experience! Love the 'mouth' on your sweater, and the necklace. xx

  2. That sounds like a really lovely day. I've seen that scarf in H&M and was very tempted .. but decided to be sensible and leave it behind as I don't have anything that would really go with it. Have fun at choir!

  3. We've been avoiding the titanic Centre too but feel is about time we made a visit. It's great to have a local blogger to give me ideas on places to go. So many blogs are London or mainland Uk based that we always seem to miss out on all nice places to go.

  4. Ever since my daughter saw Titanic she has been obsessed (may have had something to do with Leonardo de Capprio!)....wish is wasn't so far away.
    Chic as ever A.

  5. I swear you're getting younger. That Clarisonic is working it's magic.

  6. Gosh, you're photogenic. We're the same age but boy, do you look young.

  7. Looked like a great day out! Love the outfit!!

  8. This looks fabulous (and I love your outfit) x

  9. Anonymous21:12

    Fab necklace Avril, love the colours. Xx


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