Clarisonic Opal Sonic for Eyes - Review

Laughter lines, crow's feet, dirty big wrinkles…whatever you call them, we all have them! I don't worry too much about them right now (they are there but I have bad eyesight) but I have to admit to wondering what I can do now (as I approach 40) to prevent them being more of an issue when I get older. 
So when John Lewis asked me if I'd like to try one of their range of Clarisonic products, the eye specific Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System, I seem to recall replying to the email rather quickly….and after a few days, here's what arrived:
The box contained a pebble shaped Clarisonic machine, charger, carry bag, spare heads, full instructions and 50ml of Clarisonic Anti-Ageing Sea Serum, which is a clear, gel cream with little or no scent that promises to target wrinkles around the eye area.
The instructions are to put a squirt of gel onto the head of the Opal (which is dipped and holds just the right amount of gel) and switch it on, while holding to the boned area around your eye - not near the eye. It vibrates for 30 seconds while you circle it and then switches itself off. Fool proof! The head is nothing like the cleansing Clarisonics - it's made of a very soft rubber so as not to damage the delicate skin around your eye.

Updated to answer all the nail questions.
My nails are Gelish dark plum with some glitter on the ring fingers. If you're based in Belfast, pop over to Bliss Nails on Facebook and ask to be friends. Only costs £10!
But does it make a difference? Well, as an infrequent wearer of eye cream, I found this a much easier yet gentle way to apply it. The vibration literally leaves the skin around your eyes tingling. We all know the benefits of massage for releasing toxins and improving skin tone and it really feels like you've given this delicate area a little massage every time you use it.
While the deeper wrinkles are still there, the skin around my eyes does look less crepey and my dark circles are not as obvious. Co-incidence or not, two different people on two separate occasions in the past week have told me I look younger!
But for me, the key here is that his reluctant eye-cream user has found a fun yet effective way to look after the skin around my eyes and if I can prevent any more wrinkles developing, I'll happily take what I have so far into my 40's.

In return for doing this review, John Lewis gave me a voucher to spend on some make-up for the Christmas season. I used it to invest in a John Lewis own brand eye-shadow brush, a liquid eyeliner from Rituals and Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturising Foundation (seriously, THE best foundation out there). 
So tell me - have you ever used a Clarisonic, either a cleanser one or this Opal system for the eyes? I'd love to hear about your experience. Having used the Opal and read The Online Stylist's review of her Mia System, I'm wondering if the latter might make the perfect Christmas present…hint, hint!

Disclaimer - The Clarisonic was provided to me to test, free of charge. Additionally, I was given skincare vouchers as a thank you for testing the product for 6 weeks. I was not paid to write this post - just asked to blog honestly about the product.



  1. Enjoyed reading this Avril, was interested to hear how you got on with the Opal. I'm still on the fence about the Clarisonic overall but

    1. I liked how it is actually different to the brush head of the big Clarisonic.

  2. Don't know about the Opal....but your nails are fierce!!!!!!

  3. OOoooo this is really interesting, I had no idea they even made this! I still havent got round to trying the normal clarisonic which is a bit criminal for a beauty blogger. It looks good though and sure anything that makes putting on eye cream fabulous works a treat, also kudos on the foundation, great pick. Good on John Lewis!


  4. I have a Clarisonic Mia and swear by it - I use it every morning in the shower and my skin has been fantastic since I started. I got a couple of heavier breakouts to begin with as the skin purges itself - but that is reassuring in a way as you can see how much crap your skin keeps hold of. I love my sonic toothbrush and this works on the same principle - trust me - every woman needs one in her life if she wears make up. I like you rarely wear eye creams but I'm definitely putting this on my list for Santa as the cream is apparently absorbed much better after cleansing with the Mia - the perfect partnership:)xx

  5. That is great to know. Is it available in Canada? I am starting to notice the years around my eyes...

  6. I haven't heard of this before but it sounds impressive. Loving the sound of the foundation too, must check it out!

    Nic x

  7. I was so tempted to get a clarisonic mia but my skin is so sensitive, every time I try something new it goes nuts!

  8. oooh interesting - my Mum and sister swear by the Clarisonic Mia they have (bought in the US for a FRACTION of the UK price)

    It's all about routine and habit and I can't begin to tell you about my lack of skincare routine - I'll die of shame if I have to.

    HOWEVER, you're very much like me so perhaps I'll have a little sop by the JL counter when I'm there this weekend to have a look/trial etc

    Thanks for reminding me that I do need to do something about my skin as approach the big 40 - bring it on, I'm excited already!


  9. It sounds like a good concept. I love my normal Clarisonic but it is more of a treat product than an everyday esssential x

  10. I've heard of Clarisonic but didn't know they've ventured into eye as well. Anything that can banish fine lines that quickly is fabulous!

  11. Very interested to read this Avril - have heard of these Clarisonic gadgets before but never from anyone who's used one. Being told you look younger twice - yay to that (and no conincidence surely?!) xx

  12. Anonymous21:24

    It looks to be brill! Didn't even know of this product so thanks for doing this review Avril. Your make up haul looks great xx

  13. I have heard wonderful things about Clarisonic for the face, so this is really interesting! I too am in infrequent eye cream user, but could see myself using this.

  14. I need something like this - does it need much cleaning or anything where you put the gel in? I'm not getting any younger and my sisters keep making jibes about how wrinkly I am. I was thinking about investing in some creams but might take a look at this instead. Do they do instore demos?

  15. Anonymous22:29

    Woah, that's a really interesting product. I've never used the Clarisonic Mia, was always tempted but too scared of the whole skin purging phase.
    It'll be interesting to see the results in the long run Avril, btw love your nails <3

  16. i like the idea of this too! I'd love a Clarisonic Mia- Xmas pressie is a good idea actually! Doesn't fit into my saving plans otherwise. I love those nails btw!!! X

  17. Interesting. Mid forties ... am I too late? :) Will definitely be investigating further. If it helps with dark circles, then consider me a convert! Nails are fab and very interested in the BB foundation. I've used her stuff for years & recently got the Long Lasting foundation, but I think it's a bit too 'make-uppy' looking, if that makes any sense? Must have a look at the Luminious Moisturising one. Great post - thanks for all the tips!

  18. Aw fab review Avril - feel like running out and buying one now as when I went 'skincare shopping' the other day the girl was aghast that I wasn't already using anti-aging at 25....eeep! Is there really a right age for anti-wrinkle care??xx

  19. Hi, Like d review but looove your nails! what shad? and love d sparkles!

  20. Fabulous post Avril...I could do with putting one of these on the Christmas wishlist! Need all the help I can get ... mind you the lines that have arrived are here to stay I think:( Have a lovely weekend!
    ~Anne xx

  21. Have been thinking about getting a Clarisonic for a while now but the eye version is def what I need this in my life Avril - now where's my credit card....

  22. I'd love to see what it would do for my wrinkles!

  23. em.....this would not be for me...I kinda like my crows feet....I know "shock horror"....I am not that into correcting the lines on my face. But love the NAILS!!

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