Cobalt, Grey & Halloween Hangovers

Hope you like the new blog look! Thanks to my friend Robyn, who is a graphic designer over at Designed to a Tee. I was looking for a clean simple logo and she delivered on her brief.
Keeping things simple on the outfit front also with a combination of cobalt, black and grey. I'm nursing a Halloween hangover as some friends came over last night. The dads supervised the kids out trick or treating and the mums had wine and doled out endless goodies at the front door…and ate quite a few of them too…Love Hearts still taste as good as ever I'm glad to report!
Cobalt Roll Neck - Primark (similar here)
Black Skirt - Vintage Pintage
Ankle Boots - River Island (similar here)
This morning, I was up at the crack of dawn to get to the Reid's kid's shoe sale. Reid's is a Belfast footwear institution - where everyone has been for their school shoes at least once in their life. Once a year, they sell off a huge range of Geox and Clarks shoes for £15 and £20 a pair but you have to get there early to get your sizes. It was BEDLAM but I managed to get the three kids kitted out and escape the madness by 9.30am…only to meet a huge queue waiting in the cold to get in!
So on this cold day, over my cobalt and black, I wore my grey Zara coat. Love this one - it looks good open or closed but as today was all about clean lines, I wore it closed up (check out the tired eyes..)
As I mentioned on my coat post last week, grey is a great winter coat colour. This coat is past season but I spotted a few similar ones still in the shops:
John Lewis Double Breasted Military Coat 
Promod Grey Military Coat
Herringbone from La Redoute
Hope you all had a great Halloween…and for the record, 
I do dress up…why should the kids have all the fun?



  1. Ha you weren't the only one!! Love that coat:)

  2. LOVE that coat. You always have the best coats! And how hot are you in the that Halloween pic! Yummy mummy! xx

  3. So glad you're happy! :)

  4. Anonymous08:10

    Nice outfit Avril,love the blue and black.Fantastic Halloween looks B dressed as David Beckham gone psycho?!!!!!lol
    P.s minimal blog tres chic!

  5. Dear God, you even look chic in a witches hat!!!

  6. Anonymous09:55

    Loving the new blog look! You look fab Avril! Love Brian's full sleeve!
    Gina x

  7. Love the new blog look, so clean and fresh! Wish I had of known about the Reid sale, could have kitted my son out for a while!

  8. Lovely clean lines - both your outfit and the new logo.
    I remember going to a party at a friends house for Halloween a few years back and me and my husband were the only ones dressed up!

  9. Lovely coat Avril.

    Laughed at the hangover- always great at the time but not so great the next day.

    Glad you got the kiddies shoes sorted. Clarks in Kildare village is mad all this week too!

    Have a good (restful) weekend



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