Mumsnet Blogfest - What To Wear?!

EEeeek - Mumsnet Blogfest is on Saturday!!! Just in case you've not noticed the big logo over there ---->>>, I'm speaking at it this year. I know….I'm amazed too! But I'm in good company and you all know I'm passionate about blogging and social media so if you're ever going to be on a panel of experts, you might as well be there for something you're passionate about. Here's the blurb…

Want to find our more about blogging style and beauty? This is the session for you. Hear from successful beauty and fashion writers and bloggers about how they went about it, and get the lowdown on building relationships with brands. Plus, a style insider on the rise and rise of this blogging phenomenon.

For the session, I'll be joined by Alyson Walsh from blog That's Not My AgeSali Hughes, Louise Woollam from Get Lippie and the session will be chaired by Erica Davies, Fashion Editor of the Sun and the blogger behind Modern Mum Must-Have.

But OMG what to wear…and what to pack? I leave at stupid o'clock on Friday morning and have a day of PR meetings. Then all day Saturday is spent at the Blogfest. Oh, and when I booked my tickets, I told Mumsnet, 'No, I'll not need a bag in the hold, just book me with hand luggage'! <slaps self around the face>

Anyway, as things stand now, I think I am going to wear my Marks & Spencer (altered) dress with white shirt under and ankle boots for the Friday:
Photo credit to Sugahfix Style Spotter
And on the day, I'll wear this gorgeous Katie Pinafore by Yumi from Room31 - also with white shirt under and black ankle boots:
Love the detail on the back!
But I also have this beauty from Gok at Sainsburys, which looks AMAZING on and could be nice for the Friday meetings...
What do you think? I'm worried the Gok dress is a bit too formal and it's got magic knicker style lining in it so needs a second person to help me put it on (not possible ahead of a 4.30am trip to the airport) and needs different shoes as it won't work with ankle boots.
I think I'm blogging my way to a decision here….
Ok, off now to now to try to fit everything into a carry on bag - with a laptop, phone, chargers, book, aarrggghh….

Stay tuned for updates from Friday and Saturday on Twitter and Facebook where I'll share pics of the day. ..wish me luck and please leave me a comment if you're going to be there. Would be great to meet up!


  1. Avril, Best of luck.Sounds so exciting. I love all the outfits especially the Gok one.I have my eye on that when I head to Derry next week!
    Safe Traveling

  2. How exciting !! Whatever you wear, you will be and look fabulous!! Go for it! Xx

  3. lovely ! U are surely gonna rock the event in those b'ful dresses !

  4. Good luck, I bet you'll be fabulous. I love the Gok dress - who cares if it's too formal? It's good to stand out, particularly in an outfit as wow as that! Enjoy

  5. Anonymous11:26

    Love your choice of outfits! You will look fab whatever you choose. Have fun! Gina x

  6. I love the bow on the Yumi dress, so cute, and a great autumn colour. I think maybe go with your gut - if you're not convinced with the Gok dress don't do it!
    S xx

    1. Ah thanks Sara - wise words on the dress too. Good to see you the other night…shame you had to go early. See you at GL's party? Avx

    2. I know I felt like a total cat leaving early but glad to see you we're all kept amused at least!! Yes in my diary for end of Nov looking forward to getting the mumsnet

    3. Gossip! My iPhone's being a big of a wench, sorry for the oddly placed comments x

  7. Anonymous13:29

    Hi Avril I think both dresses look great,is there one that feels more comfortable than the other? My friend Mel and I are coming to blogfest and are so excited. We had a try on session yesterday and our clothes are more on the smart side rather than casual, after all, its an excuse for a girl to dress up once in a while! I have gone with a black and white geo print from store 21. It would be great to say hi to you,I have been following you for a while now and think you are an inspiration to women and you always look great. I have been converted to scarf wearing thanks to you,( and my sister ). You both clearly knew the power of adding a scarf long before me. See you Saturday. Nikki

    1. Oh Nikki, thank you! I need to do a try on this afternoon. Then I'll decide for sure! Really hope to meet you on Saturday. Please come over if you see me! Axx

  8. You should try them all on and do a help me choose on Avenue 57!
    What about a blazer, jeans, heels look - I love that for comfort and style

    The Gok dress looks lovely but I think I agree with you - formal

    The yellow dress is SUPER cute!


  9. Come on girl you can do it! I packed for a weeks holiday with a carry on and took quite a few dresses! Good Luck with everything, shame I never know about these things I would have loved to come see you. Alyson was my youngest daughters tutor at Uni and I have followed her blog for years, small world in Blogland xx

  10. Have a fabulous time Avril! You will look great whatever you wear:)

  11. Awesome pics! I love the mustard dress:)

  12. Anonymous17:41

    All the very best Avril, looking forward to hearing all the biz!

  13. Avril.......can't help really, I'd go with whichever you feel most "you" in and remember you can never be overdressed in my opinion! Have a fab time. Hope you will postal about it next week.

  14. I agree with Claire above but after reading your post through again, you say the GOK dress is amazing so I'm inclined to think that this is the number to go for. It's black - black is just wonderful and always looks chic and anyone fashion always harks back to black at the end of the day. And I'm sure you'll have a pair of shoes in the back of your wardrobe that will work with it.

    Have fun, report back and most important of all - enjoy it.

  15. Love your mustard dress,yes you should try both on and let us vote :) have a fab time.Can't wait to hear all about it ...

  16. Avril - you will look great! I'm also going to BlogFest, which I am v excited about, but still worrying about what to wear...! Good luck with your session.

  17. Go for the Gok dress, trust me. Spice it up with old accessories!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  18. I think you should wear the GOK dress - it's fabulous! Best of luck hon it really is an incredible opportunity. Wish I could be there to hear you (& give moral support hugs!) - I'm sure you'll be amazing.

    Nic xx

  19. Hi Avril, I'm going to be there, and I'll definitely be at your talk :-)

  20. How about the zebra zara top and black skinny jean you wore for the Benefit night? I loved that and a bit different from a dress whilst still smart and chic.

  21. Lily12:11

    Avril, good luck with the Blogfest, I know you'll be amazing and I'd love to be there to hear you speak. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing the photos x

  22. Good luck! ...accessorize. :o)
    Jackie @ Minerva Collection UK Handbags&Jewellery

  23. Fabulous. All that clothes looks lovely. I like the yellow dress the most. It's time to party.
    Eagan Fitness Center


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