Twincess-Fest in Primark Pleather

My twins were 4 this weekend! Finding it hard to believe that this time 4 years ago I was recovering from a c-section and the shock of having two actual babies to look after. Not that I didn't know it was going to be twins - the ginormous bump would have been a giveaway had the scans not picked up on it:
On a weekend break at 36 weeks -
wondering if walking into the sea and getting swept away would be a good option!
but despite scan pictures and a Tamba twin preparation course, it was still a shock to be handed two babies
Happily, I soon perfected the twin baby juggle and zoom on 4 years, we're planning princess parties with Hello Kitty cakes. I know all mums say it and it's a bit boring but seriously, doesn't the time fly by?!
Anyway, the party was a great success. My friend Alicia from Bliss Nails came and did nail art for me and I got to explore face painting as a second career..
Unfortunately, my repertoire extends to butterflies only but luckily most of the kids were happy with that…by the time I did this last wee girl, I was flying it!
There isn't really a proper outfit photo - the one above and this next one will hopefully show off this dark teal/navy coloured Primark pleather fronted top that I picked up a couple of months ago for a bargainous £7. Being wipeable, it was a perfect choice for a messy party.
Pleather Top - Primark
Necklace - Vintage (last seen here)
Black Skinny Jeans - Gok 4 TU at Sainsburys (last seen here)
all worn with black River Island Ankle Boots
Oh and I get to show off my cake too (allow me a brief proud mummy moment). Looks impressive but it's a dead easy chocolate cake from Tana Ramsay's book enhanced with two boxes of Chocolate Fingers and a large bag of Maltesers. It was demolished before the day was over - anything with that much chocolate cannot be delicious!
So that's the twincessfest over for another year…let the Christmas planning begin!


  1. Oh how sweet! Such a lovely post. And a huge happy birthday to the Twincesses! That top was a great bargain ..£7?? Off now to search the web for the recipe for that cake - I have a little chocoholic princess who would LOVE that for her birthday in Feb.

  2. Lily15:57

    Happy birthday to your gorgeous twincesses!

    Your cake looks fab, it's very similar to the one I made for my daughter's 5th birthday, it was a chocolate fingers and maltesers creation too :-)

    A wipeable top, I could do with one of those most days ;-)

  3. How time flies by Avril! Hope the twins had a great birthday:) That top looks great on you!
    ~Anne xx

  4. Happy Birthday to your twins! x

  5. Twin birthday, twice the fun, Happy Birthday Girls

  6. Great post, I like the snapshot into your life.

  7. Anonymous18:41

    Hope the Twins had a fab birthday. Love the look of that cake and may have to steal it for my son's birthday in January.
    I have seen those tops in the sale section of our Primark but did wonder how they would wash/iron - are they ok? I will be sheeping you again if so! Ant xxx

  8. Ah bless, so lovely to see these pictures. I think it's sometimes easy to forget that we are real women with real lives and families to look after as well as our cherished blogs! Love the Primark top and great choice for a party! xx

  9. Happy birthday twincesses x

  10. Happy birthday twincesses x

  11. Lovely pictures and happy birthday to the twins!! xx

  12. That cake looks amazing. Happy b'day to your little un's! Your hair is a gorgeous colour, was it always that colour or have you dyed it recently?

  13. I really have the utmost respect for mothers of twins....I really don't know how you did it, it's an incredible achievement.
    And a HUGE YUM to the delicious cake!

  14. What a lovely post and happy birthday to the girls. I can't believe the size of your tummy then and what it is now - the miracles of the human body.

  15. I can't imagine having twins. Girl you have your hands full! Loving the cake. You did a great job:)

  16. OMG!! You had a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig tummy! But twins area great thing! I only have one kid but I am sad that he is a lonely child!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  17. I'm beyond impressed. None of my friends have twins but ones that have kids within a short space of time are busier than buzzy bees. The cake does look impressive. BTW, I'm loving your hair color. Suits you to perfection.

  18. Happy 4th BD to your gorgeous twins!

  19. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girls! I bet they loved that cake you made them, it looks soooo good x

  20. Glad you al had a great time.

  21. Anonymous09:53

    Wow what a bump! You must be superwoman! Love your hair colour and outfit, oh and your kitchen is fab! The party looks great fun, love the cake. Gina x

  22. Congrats on the 4th birthday well done on the cake I am going to try this

  23. Looks like a fabulous party, love the cake! Happy birthday to your girls :)

  24. Aww, happy birthday to your cuties! That cake looks amazing!! I just love your top too. I think leather (or pleather) tops look so chic!

    xo Jenny

  25. Happy birthday to your sweet twins!! And that cake looks pretty amazing. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  26. Anonymous22:55

    Happy birthday to the twins! i managed to pick that top up at primark this week in he sale rack for £3 ! Wore it at the weekend and it looked and felt fab !

  27. Awwwwww!i never knew u had twins!!hope they had a great day!xx


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