An Unexpected Blogger Meet-Up

I took an un-planned trip to The Fat Gherkin (best coffee shop/deli in Moira!) with my sister the other week and as I sat enjoying my soda stack and skinny latte (they cancel each other out you know), who should walk in but two of my favourite local bloggers - Emma from Adventures of an Unfit Mother (MAD blog award winner) and Dara, queen of all things creative at Mum of All Trades. It's a small world over here in little old Northern Ireland!
So in true blogger style, we had to get a photo - thanks to Olwyn the owner at the Gherkin for taking this picture of three avatars meeting each other in real life. (I kept staring at them thinking 'wow, you are tall and have legs and stuff'! Always weird meeting people you've only seen as little head and shoulders on Twitter)
Emma - Adventures of an Unfit Mother (which she is NOT!)
Dara - Mum of all Trades (and master of all)
Me - wearing Room 31 Vila Effie coat, Joseph cream silk blouse, H&M scarf, Fossil bag, Gok jeans & River Island boots.
And wow - what a stylish couple of girls. Would you believe, they each have 5 children? I was seriously impressed by how calm and together they both were. 
Now we know how close to each other we live, we'll be meeting up for a proper bloggy catch up in the New Year. And buying more little stashes of Fat Gherkin caramel slice (check Dara's Fat Gherkin carry bag!) Yum yum.


  1. Sounds like a great meet up!!! I really neeed to visit Ireland - lol. p.s. I may have to stop visiting your blog - due to you I now have an owl dress and following a linky on your side some decent boden leggings winging their way to me - lol ;-) xxx

  2. I reckon the accepted six degrees of separation has been reduced to about three in Ireland!! Great photo.

  3. What a lovely unexpected meet up. The girls sure look stylish for 5 kids each!

  4. 5 kids??!!! Mind you, you're so slim and tall yourself. I just think it's wonderful that all 3 of you are so stylish and take time to look after yourself despite the hectic lifestyle that you all lead.

  5. Hahaha how wonderful running in to each other!

  6. What an unexpected treat it was to meet you and I'm definitely up for a rerun, preferably over more of those caramel squares! Have a very happy Christmas babe:-))

  7. Ah jealous! I may have to move myself up North!

  8. Sometimes the unplanned meetups are the best

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