Lady Gaga & My New Boots!

So two very nice things arrived with the postman this week. I've got to know our postie very well since the blogging started as there's been a fair hike in the number of parcels coming to our door. This week he brought me new (to me) boots and a little bit of Lady Gaga, in the form of her new perfume Lady Gaga Fame - Black Fluid.
Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum 30ml
Now, I'm not a fan of celebrity perfumes generally and I did raise an eyebrow when this came in the door as it's completely black in colour. But advance fragrance technology means it sprays clear - amazing!
It's a night-time fragrance - the mix of Belladonna, sweet honey drops, saffron and apricot, amongst others, makes for a heady fragrance. I asked 5 of my friends to try it the other evening and got all positive reactions from them with comments such as 'very middle eastern/exotic' 'perfect night out perfume', 'a bit like Opium'.
I'll be honest, when I smelt it first, I wasn't sure but it's grown on me since as it's got a lovely lasting scent that softens as you wear it. And it really lasts well.
So if you're looking for a night-time perfume, definitely worth checking this one out at Gordons Online where it's priced at a budget friendly £22.99. Lots of other great perfumes in stock there also - check out the whole range on this link.

And the boots, I hear you ask? Well, I'd spotted these French Connection beauties on my blogging friend Wendy's site, Thankfifi. But they are no longer available to buy so I'd been keeping an eye on eBay for them. Low and behold, a pair in my size appeared last weekend for £20, buy it now. Well, thank you very much, I'll have those!

Not entirely sure how I'll style them - any ideas? I'm off to have a closer look at Wendy's blog for some inspiration too.
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  1. Well done on the boots!! I love an ebay shoe/boot bargain. Lady Gaga's perfume sounds interesting... think it'd be too strong for me! My Mum sometimes wears Opium and it nearly knocks me out! x

  2. Oh, and I meant to say, like you, I know my Postie/s well.. even the ones at the sorting office.. After years of ebay addiction and now blogging, I get a lot of post!!

  3. Keep the boots! They would look great with burgundy skinnies. C

  4. Love the boots - I've seen them a lot on Fifi's blog and her dog is adorable. I don't doubt you'll find a way of wearing them.

  5. I haven't smelt the Lady Gaga perfume yet but I've heard a lot of good things about it :)
    Love your boots!! Great find!! I have a similar pair that I wear with dark blue jeans and an oversized winter jumper or with denim shorts and thick winter tights x

  6. Great boots and what a bargain! Looking forward to seeing how you style them. I'd read great things about the Lady Gaga perfume, but if, as you say, it's like Opium, then it definitely wouldn't be for me :( Have a lovely weekend. Helen

  7. I love the boots. I'd recommend a biker chic look with the boots. I'm thinking skinny jeans, scarf around the neck and a leather biker jacket.

  8. Anonymous13:35

    Loving the boots, even better that they were a bargain! Looking forward to seeing how you wear them.

  9. I got a sample of Gaga with a recent superdrug order and like you, am impressed! Well done on getting those boots, they are gorgeous although I fear for your footwear obsession lol xxx

  10. Anonymous11:06

    HI Avril,
    fab fab boots. I shamelessly have copied you [again] and managed to get these boots off ebay. Was thrilled when they arrived, however, how the heck do you get them on your foot?? honestly I just can't seem to get them on... did you have this problem?

    Kitty x

    1. Oh no Kitty! They are a wee bit tricky to pull on - they could have done with a zip but mine are a tiny bit too big for me as I wear them with an ortho insole so purposely sized up a half size to allow for this. Try with a pop sock or tights - the nylon might make it easier to pull on. I'd say it depends how high your insteps are and I'm a bit flat footed, which probably helps. Eek - let me know how you get on! x

  11. Anonymous18:01

    Hi Avril,
    Thanks for your reply. Will def try the pop sock idea. Did a google search and found reviews for them on amazon. Most of the reviewers have sent the boots back for the simple reason that they can't get them on! It's such a shame as they are so lovely. One reviewer even wore hers with a plastic bag round her foot inside it for a while so that she could get them on! Am looking forward to seeing how you style them. Thanks again for getting back to me.

    Kitty x


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