New Glasses from Firmoo

I was lamenting my poor selection of glasses a month or so ago when an email arrived into my inbox from a company called Firmoo, offering me a pair for free! Well, you couldn't have planned that better eh Firmoo PR man?
I've never ordered glasses online but I had an up to date eye test so I was good to go. I registered on the Firmoo site, uploaded a webcam picture and then I tried on pretty much EVERY pair on the site. Here's a screen shot of what it looks like...
After much trying (and laughing!) and wondering if I need to get out more, I picked some glasses and completed my sight details. It was v straightforward, lifting information directly from the prescription and within a few minutes, my order was processed.
It took about 10 days for the glasses to arrive but I was updated twice during that time about the progress of my order…and here's what came in my parcel:
They say it's the small things that matter and that's definitely the case here. As well as a hard and soft case for my glasses, there's a tiny screwdriver and two screws. Glasses wearers will appreciate this!
I didn't already have a pair of black framed glasses, which is why I chose these black plastic frames. A friend who has ordered online glasses before advised me to go for something similar in shape to what I already have and that turned out to be great advice to ensure the glasses fit you well and suit you too. 
Here are some 'in the mirror' shots of me wearing them just after they arrived..
I'm really pleased with these glasses. The prescription is perfect, they fit nicely and I've worn them all day for a few days since they arrived and they are super comfy. Expect to see more of me in specs on the blog in coming weeks!
But here's the best bit - YOU can get a free pair too. Firmoo offers all new customers their first pair of glasses for free. And you don't even need to be a glasses wearer as all of the frames are available with non-prescription lenses too. All you pay for your first pair is the shipping costs and if you're not satisfied with your glasses, you can get a refund or exchange.



  1. I don't wear glasses (yet!!) and I'm one of those weirdos who never notices whether or not people are wearing them. I'd be useless doing an ID in a police line-up. However, I do wear sunglasses but I get really irritated by the fact that they ALWAYS leave a mark on the bridge of my nose. Is this normal for all glasses or am I just buying the wrong (read v. cheap) type? Helen

  2. Anonymous19:41

    Really nice glasses Avril. They suit you. I bought a Merrell Ellenwood yesterday after reading about the Merrell coats on your blog. Thanks for the recommendations! Marie S.

  3. I've always been a bit wary of perscription glasses by post, but these look lovely on you. I might give them a go!

  4. LOVE them! Very classy - I'm really enjoying wearing glasses more:)


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