The Sales, The Sales!!!!

So I wasn't going to blog until NYE and instead spend time with the kids and husband but (at time of writing) I'm just back from an 8 mile cycle with my son and the girls are away with their dad so I think I deserve a blog-fix to fill you in on what I've bought (so far) in the sales.
Throughout, and I'd recommend this to those of you heading out sale shopping, I've tried to buy items that will see me into spring. I've resisted gorgeous winter coats from Zara, chunky knit jumpers from Mint Velvet and cosy fur boots from Boden…and instead reminded myself that the weather's going to improve from February and sure we'll have our summer in March like last year, so I'll work the winter wardrobe I have until then and instead focus on buying some useful transitional items.
First up and typically, this item wasn't actually reduced - tho I did have a voucher so it's a bargain in my book. My sister in law had a session with Gemma, the Belfast House of Fraser stylist just before Christmas and she got a couple of light knits from a brand called Wal-G. Dodgy brand name but gorgeous and really well priced so I picked up this one in a navy marl after seeing it on her:
Cowl Zip Shoulder Knit - £25
This zipped version comes in 3 other colours and has a flattering wrap detail across the tummy. Also comes with a stud detail on the shoulders, which looks stunning in the burgundy colour..
Wine with stud details - £25
It's hard to do it justice without wearing so I'll share it on the blog in the next week.
I also picked up these shoes in Office. Loved the strap detail and the fact that they are leather lined. Reduced to £25 but no longer available online. I saw some in-store on Boxing Day though (yes, while we're coming clean about sales purchases, I'll admit I was in House of Fraser at 8am on the 26th!!)
Office 'Back in Time' in black - £25
Also on Boxing Day, I picked up some Linea loungewear - a soft jersey draped cardigan (similar) and some wide-legged pants (similar).
Finally, on this post, I'm sharing my most favourite sale purchase. Do you remember when I had my session with Rebecca, the Victoria Square stylist and she put this jacket on me?
Boucle Biker Style Jacket - River Island
(different colour way on link)
Well, I resisted (very reluctantly) at the time and guess what? There it was - only one…waiting for me in the River Island sale. Down from £60 to £30. It is now in my wardrobe. Worth the wait I'd say!
I still have some M&S purchases to share from a visit there yesterday, and some Christmas presents to show you. As Miranda's friend says 'bear with, bear with' - I'll get it all on the blog really soon, I promise.
Hope you've all had some success either in-store or online. Please do share any great bargains. Already on the Facebook page, I've been recommended the Great Plains and the Whistles sales. Just in case you needed some more temptation...



  1. Thrilled for you about the jacket!! Love the shoes too!! x

    1. Aw..thanks Joanna - a lovely jacket for a trip to London perhaps? xx

  2. MrsS21:36

    I really like those tops from Wal-G but disappointed to see that their M/L size is the equivalent of a size 10-12!!

    1. Thank you for noticing this…it's a really good point. I did wonder why there were no L's on the rail in House of Fraser. I bought the M and would say it's certainly a 12 - I like my tops a bit looser. But yes, I agree…bad show not having bigger sizes! Avril x

  3. The jacket is gorgeous Avril

    I was in M&S this morning but was very disappointed in their sale - a load of old tat
    hope it was better for you!!

    Looking forward to your next post -

    1. Hi there….yes, M&S was just ok. Got lots of basic vest tops and some thermal wear - lol! But I got a lovely cocoon cardigan/poncho thing and some great pumps. Just as well it wasn't too good as the money has run out now! Avril x

  4. Good bargain buying, well done you! I am awaiting some grey ankle boots and that's it! I have been VERY good so far NOT to be seduced but I may crumble if I venture towards TK Maxx!


    1. I'm amazed at yours and Joanna's restraint! Wait and see, I say…wait and see!! lol x

  5. I have been remarkably restrained. I went past a Zara yesterday but was tempted by nothing - I'm one of those who has an eye on the Spring stock as soon as the 25th has gone. So glad you picked up the River Island biker jacket though - it does really suit you.

    1. Good for you - the spring stuff does look lovely and it'll be here in no time. Looking forward to seeing your Aubin stuff. Have you got your computer sorted yet? Ax

  6. Love that Wal-G top Avril - fancy it in the grey, navy & wine if only it was half price! ;)

    Your wee jacket is adorable too, amazing price! I've done a fair bit of damage, most excitingly from Celtic Sheepskin where I could spend a small fortune!

    Nic x

  7. Wow, Avril, your certainly a sales queen. I am so loving the river island jacket. I tried on the beige leather waterfall one I blog about and you told me it was half price, it didn't suit me even thought it was lovely.I love the knits you got!

  8. Love the shoes and the zip shoulder top. Fashion fate was at work with the jacket!! Great bargain. Have been v restrained......but not for long!! HNY Avril.

  9. The River Island jacket is gorgeous honey and I can't believe you ventured out on the 26th! I did some Harrods shopping online on xmas but only one thing has come so far, so a few things to share over the next week along with the pressies, so I'm the same, bear with! Hope you had a good one! xxx

  10. That's some cool stuff u got girl !
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! Happy New year !

  11. I haven't yet really hit any sales but that could change today. I love those office shoes!

  12. Hi Avril. Love that jacket,you will get loads of wear out of it! I have a striped top in that brand from the House Of Fraser ... your navy one looks great:)I am going shopping this a bit late I think ha, but will have a look anyhow! Enjoy your Sunday:)
    ~Anne xx

  13. Avril, thanks for commenting back! Its been very nice to stay in touch! I love your new items! Your closet will be thanking you! My favorite item is your new jacket that you have been wanting, I dig when that happens! Finding something you love on sale is always the best! Last spring I REALLY wanted these cynthia vincent wedges (they were even called "the jaggers" so I wanted them even more) But I couldnt shell out 300 bucks for them! While I was back home visiting stockton I went by the crossroads outlet and found a pair in my size for 13 dollars! They came home with me : ) I hope you are having a nice day!

  14. I like the River Island jacket - and just one left in your size? That's serendipity for you :-)

  15. Lily10:12

    Welcome back, I've been waiting hard to hear how you got on at the sales! I love both the top and jacket.

    I bought this jacket in DP for £25, very happy with it[291054|291043]&noOfRefinements=1#BVRRWidgetID

    Also picked up a Savida dress in Dunnes for £12 reduced from £34!

    That was it, hope to get back in next week to the shops when there may be further reductions!

  16. Love your shoes, I bet these go with nearly everything :)


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