House of Deron Fur Gilet & Zara Spending Ban Fail...

Two lovely new additions to the wardrobe on today's post. I know, I know…spending ban has ended spectacularly. But only when the further reductions kicked in AND I've not spent more than £20 on any one item…trying too hard to justify so I'll stop now! 
Friday saw the launch of Belfast Fashion Week so this is what I wore to the fabulously floral brunch organised by the team at CMPR and held in the Ulster Museum. I'll share more about this on another post.
Fur Gilet - Room 31 (25% off with SGS25 at checkout!)
Cream blouse - M&S (last seen here)
Necklace - Promod (last seen here)
Further justifying the spending ban fail, this House of Deron fur gilet was actually gifted to me by Ruth at Room 31. It arrived along with an order I placed last week with her so was a lovely surprise. This is a size M which is a 10. House of Deron is in fact Beyonce's own clothing company that she runs with her mum and Room 31 stocks several items from the range but this is the most school-run friendly item. Super cosy but not really thick and heavy as its got a faux leather back (super on-trend!) so I was able to wear it easily under my mac all day.
Jeans - Gok for TU @ Sainsburys
Boots - Zara
So onto the boots, which I had been watching on the Zara site since the sale began but I couldn't justify them at the first reduction to £49.99. So I held on and kept checking back and last week, there they were at £19.99…it would have been rude not to (I say that a lot in these situations). In fact, they are now only £16.99 but have almost totally sold out.
They are black leather with elastic stitched sides (no zip) and a rubber wedge. Super super high - 11 centimetres in fact! Perfect for dancing in, no?
Yes in fact because after I took these photos, I ran out the door for my choir weekend which started with a choreographed session to The Timewarp. So I ended up dancing for an hour in the boots. My feet ached a bit but I was still walking after it so they've most definitely passed the night out test.
Before I go, don't forget that this Friday is Rock Up In Red day for the British Heart Foundation. Have your red clothing/nails/shoes etc to hand on Friday as I've another Radley London limited edition red bag to give away to one lucky Facebook fan! More details on Facebook on Friday


  1. LOVE this look Avril you look so skinny! I had my eye on those boots too but couldn't justify another pair of wedge boots. I've just done a post on my spending ban fail in Zara too, great minds eh?!

  2. Nice shoes and nice price too!

  3. Love the boots, Avril! Haven't been in Zara for ages....just can't get out of H&M! But Zara's footwear is always the best

  4. Thanks to your post Ihave just spent £42 on some items from the Zara style. I don't know wether to thank you or curse you!!!!

  5. I'm thinking the same as Trea - how slim do you look! Stick to your skinny jeans - they work a treat on you! If I looked like that I'd be in skinnys all the time. And £19.99 for the boots - bargain! I'm off to Leeds today and I'm on a spending ban too (hmmm).

  6. I love love love the boots.fab ou

  7. Hi Avril-both buys look lovely and when things get worn straightaway I believe they are justified for breaking a spending ban, lol!!! Love the Zara boots, I've ordered some boots from them on Friday, just waiting for them to turn up! Have a good week! Sharon xx

  8. Love the gilet! I'm obsessed with them lately :)

  9. The gilet looks great!
    Only a few left now

  10. Lily09:46

    Oh the gilet is fab, I want one too!

    Saw Avenue 57's post - you look amazing in the red skirt! You should get those legs out more often :-)

    Fab boots too, you were more than justified in breaking your ban.

  11. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who broke the Jan spending ban. Zara is the worst place to look when you're not spending. Really we should have a January Zara ban!! You look great in this outfit .. soooo skinny! Jealous :(

  12. The lack of wine is having a remarkable effect - you look tiny, and the money you saved on the wine justifies the purchases! LOVE the gilet:)

  13. I love the Gilet on you! Not sure I could walk in those boots but what a great bargain they were x

  14. Anonymous17:42

    Fab boots but on the Irish Zara web site they are still at €39.99! That's crazy!

    1. Wow - just checked that out and cannot believe it. They are on the Spanish site for 19.99 EUR! Not good Zara...

  15. This has got to be my favorite outfit! I'm beyond envious of your tiny waist and mile long legs. I've been looking for a gilet that doesn't overwhelm me. I've got one and the minute I put it on, the family asked if I'm an animal in disguise. So NOT funny. Off to check yours out now.

  16. Fab fab fab! Great outfit, you look amazing Avril.

  17. Yea, NO shopping is hard for me, but I am getting better at setting a fixed amount I can spend and sticking to it. Love love love your new additions though!

    Enter My MsDressy Giveaway

  18. Great outfit, love the boots... Such a bargain :)

  19. Oh Avril, I am on a shopping ban...those boots....x


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