Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year Thoughts...

I loved 2012 - it challenged and rewarded, questioned and encouraged, made me laugh and made me cry but overall, I think I handled it pretty well. And that's what it's all about. Not about hoping 2013 is good to you, it's hoping that you'll be good at coping with what 2013 throws your way. It's about being a better, more rounded, stronger person at the end of it because you met the challenges head on, asked for help when you needed it and helped others along the way. And that's about as deep as I'll get on this blog!

New Year's Eve was home-made Thai green curry night - helping us to sweat out the last of 2012. I put on a dress for the occasion and decided to get a photo once the bubbly was poured…but then the bubbly got drunk and some wine too and by the time I remembered photos, I had moved onto Fanta in an attempt to stay awake until midnight! Rock n roll...
Wearing a purple wool dress with black appliqué detail that I picked up in a wee boutique in Moira last Christmas. In fact, it was my Christmas Day dress for 2011. I wore it with my flat pony skin pumps from M&S (remember this post earlier this year - they were the only pair I kept!). Super comfy for working in the kitchen.
I'll leave you with a quote a friend of mine put on Facebook on Monday night, which for me really sums up New Year...
'Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one'



  1. A thoughtful and htought provoking thought. Happy New Year Avril.

  2. love the dress, love the quote!

  3. Happy new year! I love the dress on you!

  4. Gorgeous dress Avril:) Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!
    ~Anne xx

  5. Loving the dress and the quote. I'm sure it will be a great year for you x

  6. Love the quote - I have a similar one in the side bar of my blog about not being able to waste time in advance. Enjoy and make the most of each day - thats my motto!! X

  7. I feel like you're talking directly to me......

  8. I feel like you're talking directly to me......

  9. Lovely post Avril :) Great dress...

  10. Loved both your thoughts on 2012 (I share some of those!) and that quote at the end too - nothing better than a set of blank pages, ready to fill! Happy New Year Lovely and may it be a good one to you! xx


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