Warm Winter Boots & Merrell Bargains!

I've been asked by several people via email about boots to wear with the Merrell Ellenwood/Wakefield - boots that are warm, waterproof and resilient like the Merrell. After some online investigation (and thanks to my friend Sharon for the tip off), I headed to the Ecco shop in Belfast to check out their range. And I was impressed, not just by the furry, warm boots but by the range of regular shoes and boots too. But I kept my mind on the task at hand and here's a selection of winter boots on sale right now...
Furry Siberia & Suede Siberia

Ecco Laced Furry Siberia Boots
Ecco Hill Boots
Now, I know these boots don't look particularly trendy but with the right skinny jeans, a gorgeous scarf and your fabulous Merrell (or indeed a trendy parka), they are perfect school gate style during this cold, wet, snowy spell and will prevent damage to your regular boots and shoes. For me, the ones in the second photo above are the most wearable so I tried them on to show you what they look like with the Merrell. A sizing note here. Ecco shoes come up MASSIVE! I am wearing a 38 - I'm normally a 39.5-40.
While these are quite outdoorsy, from a distance, I don't think they are a whole lot different to an UGG boot - but they are a more supportive, waterproof, skid-proof UGG - and at the moment they are half the price in some stockists! And you will literally have these for years and years. I have never worn such a comfortable boot - I was bouncing around the shop!
In the Ecco shop in Belfast, these and all the ones above are reduced to £85. Online, I can't find them cheaper than £105. So it's worth checking out your local store if you have one or phoning about…or come see me in Belfast for a coffee and a shop!
Meanwhile, I'm continuously asked about best priced Merrell coats so here's an up to date list of the stockists and best prices for Ellenwoods (the newer version of my Wakefield). It's a great time to buy as we get close to the end of the season. But don't think you're too late buying - I wore mine many times during the lovely summer that was 2012!
Millet Sports - XS and S only
Insulated Merrell Ellenwood in Purple - £99.99
Gear For Girls - All Sizes Available
Insulated Ellenwood in Heather & Black - £99.95
Let's Hike - Lots of Sizes Available
Insulated Ellenwood in Ink Heather & Black - £109.99
I've had lots of emails from happy Merrell owners so I'd love to do a 'Styling You' post with photos of you wearing your Merrell. If you bought one this year or last, please take a picture of you wearing it to be in with a chance of winning a prize! I'll leave this open for a couple of weeks so that you've time to get your photo in. Tweet it to @schoolgatestyle, post it to the Facebook page or email it to me Thanks in anticipation! See you all tomorrow….I've been shopping again you see...


  1. So glad you did this post - I was planning to do one on this and now I can just read yours and enjoy!!

    I shall send you a pic of me in my NEW Merrell soon!


  2. More shopping Avril! Oooh can't wait. Love seeing other people's hauls. Makes me feel all virtuous for not shopping (as much - just a teeny bit).

  3. Hi there! I really like the look of the Ecco boots, they will definitely be a make for me to try when I invest in winter boots next winter! The Merrell coats look a wonderful buy too-all so perfect for the school run! Sharon xx

  4. My best ever SGS purchase has been my Merrell Wakefield coat.......flattering,neat fitting and completely waterproof and looks nice too.....will send a pic. C

  5. I think the style you have on is the best and agree it's how you style them, I'd wear them for sure xx

  6. This post made me smile. I live in Ecco land - I think everyone I know owns at least one pair:) You should also look at Merrell winter boots. Love mine that I bought last season, they are grey and combine the cross over lace up with fur trim too;)I ended up not getting the Merrell coat and went with a very similar Swedish designed clothing brand called 'Didrikson 913' similar to this one It ticks all the boxes as the Merrell, warm, dry and the same flattering cut.

  7. Anonymous05:55

    I think you make the boots look very stylish, it just shows we can all look great in this weather, even when covered up. Nikki x

  8. Cute boots. I have a similar pair from North Face. It's definitely worth buying them in the sale as they are something you'll have in your wardrobe forever.

  9. Hi Avril. I'm liking the boots, definitely think warmth is the order of the day. I'm also pleased to find that I'm not the only person how skids about in UGGs! Have a good weekend. Kat x

  10. I definitely need a pair of warm winter boots. I hate when my feet are cold! Usually I just wear really thick wool socks but it would probably just be easier if I got better boots! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. Oh dear, these are not for me...

  12. The Ugg boots are fantastic! You are right, even though they look very outdoors like they still retain style.


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