For the Chop at Keith Kane International

In the past two years, I've had my hair cut twice. After many years of trying to grow it long, it finally occurred to me that the only way to get longer hair is to stop having it cut! Sounds simple doesn't it? But in the past I have always given in too soon and gone for the chop and had to start all over again.Your hair only grows about half an inch a month so mostly I was cutting off all my growth. 
Now mine is down below shoulder level with noticeably tatty ends, I was ready for a trim but nervous of a scissor-happy hairdresser taking all my re-growth off. So when Keith Kane International was highly recommended to me by a friend, I decided to pay the main man there a visit.
The salon is based in Carryduff and is well known to many around Belfast. Keith is the most nominated Northern Ireland hairdresser of the year - 17 years and counting! And he's won the competition twice in that time, no mean feat given the number of new salons popping up in recent years. Oh, and well as being an award winning hairdresser, he's a milliner in his spare time, and a bit of a dab hand at dressmaking. A useful man to have in your life!
The exterior of Keith Kane International, Carryduff, Belfast
Keith at work - look at that girl's hair! Stunning
I had my hair washed and then sat with Keith to discuss my hair's health. Keith explained that long hair does need cut but if you look after it, it should only need done twice a year. Which led on nicely to my hair care routine, or lack of. Not having had long hair until my 30's, I have no idea how to look after it. I had come to the right man!  
Given I have coloured hair and use straighteners once a week, Keith recommended the System Professional Luxe Oil as an essential for my dry ends. He told me he has tried loads of different formulations in recent years with the big growth in hair oils and for him, he's not seen anything (including Moroccan oil) that comes close to the results he's getting from Luxe Oil. 
Keith also recommended the Wella System Professional range for shampoo and conditioner. It's interesting to hear about his longer term experience with these products. Keith explained that he has clients who have been coming to him for years and he can really see the improvement in their hair from using these products over time. Clearly the secret behind his high volume of returning clients.
So the bad news was that I needed about 2 inches off..mainly because of the way my hair was thinned out previously. Keith wanted to cut my hair straight across the end to give me a cleaner, healthier finish. But in fact, I've not missed these straggly ends at all and if anything my hair looks as long as it did.
Here is Keith making sure all the ends are even..I had the poor man tormented with mirror pictures!

I really enjoyed looking at Keith's creations for previous Hairdresser of the Year competitions. The planning starts now for the November British Hairdressing Awards. He told me it's a great motivation for the salon staff as it's a chance for them to use their creative sides.
Armed with a bottle of Wella Salon Professional Luxe Oil to test for a few weeks (will update you on the blog in a month or two), I headed home for some outside photos of the newer, slightly shorter but oh so shiny hair.

Black Quilted Jacket - Zara
White Vest - Kaleidoscope
Blush Jersey Cardigan - Linea @ House of Fraser
Skinny Jeans - H&M
Boots - Zara
Handbag - Fossil @ Menarys
A couple of days on, my hair is still looking glossy and it literally feels like silk! I haven't missed my 2 inches at all and just like my blogging buddy, Gemma Louise, over at That Belfast Girl, I'm converted to the fact that it's better to have shorter healthier hair than longer hair in poor condition.
So if you're in the market for a new hairdresser (and remember, Carryduff is only a few miles out of Belfast), I can highly recommend Keith and his friendly team. I have been to quite a few hairdressers in my time and for me, what stood out in this salon was the attitude of the team. They were so friendly and welcoming and clearly enjoy their jobs. Nothing worse than sitting in a salon where the staff look miserable - I think we've all been there.

And if you're not local but are looking for a new hair care range, Wella Salon Professional is available online and in good salons nationwide. Keith explained how different the formulation is in these products to what you would pick up in the chemist or supermarket and gave me a few great tips for washing my hair with them. 
  • Firstly, don't use too much - less is more and you will need less of these better quality products anyway 
  • Secondly, on your second shampoo comb through the hair while the product is on it. This will help ensure the length of your hair gets the benefit and should mean you use less conditioner and
  • Finally, for perfect condition on your hair ends use some Luxe Oil before drying & straightening and then a tiny bit for glossing effect after you've dried your hair.

Thanks to the team at Keith Kane International for looking after me so well. My new hair and I are off to London today for a Mummy Fashion Blogger get together in the City. Can't wait and don't worry, I'll be sure to share photos on the blog on Sunday or Monday - technology permitting! Have a great weekend!


  1. Lily12:46

    Your hair looks fab, so shiny and healthy looking!

    I've had to order some Luxe Oil for myself now :-)

  2. Lovely hairdo Avril! When I had longer hair I only had it cut 3 times a year. xx

  3. Twit twoo Avril! Like the sound of that oil... it's hard to find one that's just right for your hair - I have a few and prefer a lightish formula or they weigh my hair down. Do you think this one is light?

    ps I just clicked on your About Me page and the comments from your readers are so lovely & v heart warming!


  4. Aw yay! Looks so healthy!

  5. Looks beaut Avril!!So shiny!!xx

  6. hair looks lovely honey xx

  7. Your hair always looks good, and doesn't look like you've had 2 inches cut off............tempting my to grow mine!

  8. Wow can't believ you've had two inches off, you really wouldn't know. Safe travels for tomorrow mrs!! X

  9. You'll probably have the best hair amongst the rest of us. So shiny!! You've just reminded me that it's time I cut off my scraggly bits. My hair's getting so long. Not that I want to be Rapunzel or anything :P

  10. That looks like a fabulous hairdressing salon, and how great to have a hairdresser who isn't in his/her teens (at least that's what it feels like at most places around here!).
    Oh, and your hair looks gorgeously shiny :-)

  11. Wow your hair looks fab :) great outfit... Looking forward to you London posts, have a wonderful time :)

  12. Hair is fab and looking forward to hear and see all about the blog meetup

  13. Good luck with your new, healthy, fabulous haircut. It looks great! I know exactly what you mean about growing and cutting it. I spend years growing my hair then get bored and get it all chopped off. I'm short at the mo and dreading ' the mushroom head' growth stage so much I think it may remain short forever!! x

  14. wow,your hair really looks sooo shiny.... I had about 20cm cut off my hair last week and already regret it,although or maybe just because I had very long hair that still was quite healthy but I didn't want to spend hours on haircare...

  15. Having seen your hair in person now - I can say it's the most gorgeous shade and was lovely and shiny! The stuff works!


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