Has Gok Outgrown Sainsburys?

Every season for a number of years now, I've waited with excitement to see the latest Gok collection for TU at Sainsburys. And every season, I've bought from it - sometimes up to 5 or 6 items and worn and enjoyed every one of these items.
Now some of his collections have been more successful than others but generally speaking, I think over time each one improved on the last, so it was with great excitement that I headed to my local Sainsburys to see the SS13 collection. The Look Book hadn't overly inspired me but I always like to see a range in the flesh (so to speak) before making a judgement. However, it transpired that the Look Book was spot on...Oh no Gok - what's going on boyfriend <wavy hand thing>
I think the word 'dull' best summarises it. There's nothing shocking or outside comfort zone - it's just so ordinary and overpriced. I stood for 20 minutes trying to work out what I could style in a good way and left with a beige top, a white top and a pair of navy jeggings. The two tops were so badly creased on getting home, I couldn't get photos for the blog and the jeggings, while a lovely soft material and a nice fit were too short. And I'm not tall at all - I'm very much an average height.
So it got me to thinking - has Gok outgrown Sainsburys? And on inspecting the rest of the TU clothing range, I wondered if Sainsburys actually needs Gok anymore?

I don't think they do because wow, was I seriously impressed by the non Gok collection. Whoever is doing the buying for TU has a great eye for detail, colour and cut. I photographed no less than 9 different scarf patterns that I loved..
I saw these Zara-style shoppers before Christmas and loved them too. They have been a great seller, according to my sources, so if you see one in your local store, don't hesitate as they sold out in AW12. The pink cut-out one is a new style and colour for this year.
I'm on a breton theme here with these next few photos. Seriously gorgeous and bargainous!

I did actually look at some non breton stuff too, I promise. This chiffon top was a real stand out item for me. It's a duck egg blue and has the most beautiful (and flattering) pleated sleeves. A bit more green and darker in shade than in the photo 
But my favourite item by far was this denim shirt...
I've been looking for a dark, fitted, flattering denim shirt for a few weeks now and was so pleased to find this one in Sainsburys for just £22. Another one to pick up before they sell out.
My other purchase was one of the scarves from the collage above. Perfect with my bobbly Phase Eight top (it is the same colour...honest!) as it hides the bobbles. And it's got taupe and black in it too so will come in handy for a few other outfits..
The final item I picked up were these floral jeans on the sale rail for £9! They are ankle skimmers so I'll save for later in spring but loving the navy, pink and grey in them, which makes them very wearable..
In conclusion, Sainsburys, ditch the don't need him anymore. You've clearly got a great buying team in touch with what's on trend and a poor Gok collection like this one can only damage the brand and cost money. Keep up what you're doing yourselves and the mums will come in their droves.
Do you agree with me? Interested to hear your views if you've been in your local Sainsbury's lately. Did you buy from this Gok collection?



  1. Hi Avril! have to agree, whenever I shop in Sainsburys I always make a beeline for the TU range and look at Goks last as it's just not inspiring me. I love the general feel of what TU feature, I also picked up a pair of half price denim jeans in a khaki leopard print and of course last month I got my cobalt blue clutch bag. I have my eye on some other pieces too-their buying team have produced some really great lines these past and present seasons and unfortunately Gok is not on my style radar when I'm in store xx

  2. Totally agree Avril. I had a look online as I need some workwear - I was so uninspired. His range seemed frumpy and old fashioned. The only thing I remotely liked was the grey/black casual jacket. However, I think the TU collections have been improving in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Some fabulous pieces and the fabrics have improved too - there are some great men's bretons T's too - in a small they are perfect for my boys!!

  3. couldn't agree more - you are totally spot on. I feel a bit sad that the range was really boring, really expensive and TERRIBLY sized. I tried on quite a bit and 90% of the items I would have to upsize - how depressing is that? I know dress size is just a number but it's a horrible feeling, as a woman, to go up to the next size.

    The main TU range is fab this season - I could have bought an awful lot of stuff - blazers, tops, tunics, t shirts and don't even get me started on the scarves - WOW, amazing.

    I'm actually going to Sainsbury's shortly to return ALL of the Gok stuff I bought and blogged about last week - and I shall be picking up some more TU stuff to replace it!!


  4. Anonymous13:01

    This is actually the first collection he's done where I have actually wanted to buy something - I really like the tweedy bomber! Agree sainsburys is doing v well at the mo, the kids clothes in particular are excellent, great quality and lovely designs, up there with Boden IMO!

  5. Gok never really did it for me.........however I agree that the scarves are lovely and well priced, I bought the top left floral one for £8 and have worn it a lot already. Looks fab with denim. Maybe they need you Avril!!!!

  6. I LOVE the pink tote! I can't wait to get in there now when I stock up on Penguin biscuits for the kids!

  7. Anonymous17:25

    Sadly there is no Sainsburys yet where I live that stocks a good selection of clothing as it does look good this season. I am doing some clothes shopping at Asda which has just opened in my town and found a couple of great items, the latest a beautiful bright orange skater dress which fits and looks very flattering, can't wait for the summer for that one teamed with a little black cardy. You have a good eye for pulling clothes out and bringing them to life, well done Avril, keep it up. Nikki x

  8. I was in Sainsburys last week on my trip to the UK and I was very impressed. I actually bought the bretton top in black and white you pointed out and a couple of other lovely tops. They have all washed great too:) My fav purchase was a pair of leather black ballet pumps (25 GBP), with a cluster of small flowers on the front. They are soooo comfy and will be great when spring and summer arrives - you shoyld check them out:)

  9. Hi. Nooooo! I'm heading to England tomorrow (from co Donegal) and had told my friend we HAD to go Sainsburys to look at the Gok collection as I love your skinny jeans. She popped in last wk to have a look and emailed me straight away to say she couldn't for one minute work out why I'd want to have a look as stuff so disappointing and now you've just confirmed it for me. Oh well I'll just have to visit all the other yummy shops.

  10. I used to be a Buyer for the Tu collection as Sainsbury's and the work and effort put into each and every design is incredible, I have learnt such a lot from my "sainsbury's" days - mostly that anything is possible. So much work goes into the attention to detail, fabric and fit and it obviously pays off as you have experienced x

  11. I concur. Don't you just love that phrase? Well I do. Haha.

    I have to say the latest collection from Gok gets the thumbs down for me. I went to Sainsburys on Tuesday and tried the best of a bad bunch on. Needless to say I didn't purchase anything as none of the collection suits my body shape as I have a waist.

    If you like your clothes baggy, have a tum or are waistless you may be in luck!

  12. Such a shame about the Gok range, sounds really dullard! I love the denim shirt though and am in need of a dark one, sadly don't have a Sainsbo's nearby wonder if they sell online, will have to look when I do the food shop x

  13. I've never ever checked out Gok range before. In fact, if you didn't mention it, I wouldn't have known he collaborated with Sainsbury's. I thought he was a TV host who'd released a cookbook.

  14. I'm a huge Gok fan so this is really disappointing and I'm ashamed to admit that I hardly look at the TU range. Loving those scarves and bags so will be making a beeline for them when im in this week. Thanks Avril!

  15. I've not been and checked this seasons out yet. I loved lots in last season, not liking the top pictures styles though might not bother going out my way now :)I love the denim shirt, wasn't a fan of denim shirts until I went on a photo shoot a few weeks ago now I want a nice light denim one, ant ideas where I could get one? not seen one yet...

    1. Hey Claire Justine,
      You should have a look at it and see what you think yourself - would love to know your impression of it. I saw a lovely light denim shirt in Marks & Spencer actually! They had a linen mix one and a more denim style one. I think this link is to the denim version - always hard to work out if the one online is the same one you see in-store! Avril x

    2. Great thank you, this is just what I was looking for, going to stop by next week when the children are back to school :) thanks


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