London Part I - The Blogger Meet Up!

So if you've been following me on Twitter, you'll know that I'm just back from London after a wonderful weekend. The trip was a Christmas gift from my mother in law and the main reason for booking it was to allow me to meet up with some other fashion bloggers who have become great friends and wonderful supporters over the past year. 
Here's all who came : Joanna from Poppy's Style, Fiona from Avenue 57, Sue from Susie So So, Marlene from Chocolate Cookies, Kat from Does My Bum Look 40, Natalie from Glam Rosie, Beth from Style Guile and Helen from The Flaky Fashionista.
And here are some photos from the day..starting with some indoor ones. We met in the Mayfair Pizza Company which was the perfect venue. They gave us a part of the bar to ourselves and we stayed there for about 10 hours all told!
First photo is the only group one I got and the only one with Beth in it as she had to catch an early train. Sorry for the poor picture quality!
Joanna from Poppy's Style & Natalie from Glamrosie

Kat from Does My Bum Look 40Helen from The Flaky Fashionista & Joanna (again)
Fiona from Avenue 57
And some outdoor ones from earlier in the day when 4 of us took a break from the restaurant to shop! We went to Cos & Uniqlo where I took tons of photos that I'll share on another post. Both great stores that I wish had a presence in Belfast.
Sue from Susie So So & Marlene from Chocolate Cookies & Candies 
Natalie again (Glamrosie)
And.....here's what I wore. Thanks to Marlene for the photo:
Grey Wool Coat - Zara
Spotty Scarf - Marni @ H&M
Denim Shirt - Sainsburys
Scarf - Next
Boots - Moda in Pelle
Bag - Fossil @ Menarys

And underneath the scarf - the Accessorize statement necklace my sister in law got me for Christmas. All sold out online but this one is similar.

I never thought 10 hours could fly in like that and that I would be so sad leaving for the last train to Reading. It was one of those days where the conversation flowed without effort, where there were squeals of laughter, unrepeatable discussions (!!) but also some more serious debates and lots of hugs and kisses on departure. It was like meeting my bestest girlfriends for an unmissable night out...and I guess that is exactly what it was by the end of the day. How wonderful blogging is. Until next time lovely ladies...


  1. It was an absolutely FANTASTIC day - I can't wait to do it all again. And bum, I so meant to steal your necklace. Utterly gorgeous! xxxxx

    1. Haha...would have happily swapped it for your coat! x

  2. oh goodness I had a rush of emotion as I read this - it was one of those days/nights that was actually built up quite a lot beforehand (hate that because you can 99% bet that the ACTUAL event is not as good as the anticipation) but ....... I guess it was the 1% that proved that sometimes it's worth the build up because it was a really really really good day/night out.

    Superb outfit and absolutely the one who stood out because it was not skinny or boyfriend jeans!


    1. Aw...thank you Fiona...you are so right about the day. One of my thoughts was that it wouldn't meet my expectations but I had no worries on that score. And thanks to my neighbour Natalie for her advice on the outfit. Threw you a curveball with the aule skirt didn't I?! lol...you all looked so good in your jeans....I knew I couldn't compete! xx

  3. Amazing day - utterly fabulous! I will treasure the memories forever - at least till we do it again and make more xxx

  4. Anonymous20:42

    I just discovered your blogg last week and I love it every day look forward to reading it. I have been searching for something like this for years for fashion inspiration! I have 3 kids am 32 and didnt know my style but I'm well on my way to finding a stylish me with your help z

  5. Sounds like it was a great day all round, sad I couldn't get but a post op hubbie had to be number 1, but I'll not miss the next one!!

  6. Avril, it was so good to meet you in person along with the other ladies! Had a fabulous time. Now we just have to make it an annual event.

  7. Looks absolutely fab... any plans to make it an annual meet up? Nick x

  8. Thank you all for a fabulous day, it was just so nice to sit and chat and chill! Lets get a date in the diary again soon please x

  9. Avril - it was lovely to meet you in person! It was such a great day with all the ladies and I would have loved to have stayed out longer with you guys - next time definitely. After I've saved up a train fare and a hotel stay.

  10. It was an absolutely perfect day ... surpassed all expectations. I agree with everyone else; we should definitely make it an annual event. And hand's off Kat's coat .. I tried it on! It fit me! (squeals of joy!) I have first dibs, lol!!

  11. Some lovely ladies there and what a fab weekend you must have had in London! Delighted to see Beth joined ye, love her blog and would quite like to have chatted to her about all things fashion myself:)Have a good week!
    ~Anne xx

  12. LOVE your necklace!

  13. Aww so lovely to see the pics & great to hear you had such a lovely time xxx

  14. Love your denim shirt/necklace combo Av!

  15. Ah those last few words have made me have a lump in my throat. How lovely that it felt like that xx

  16. Hi there! A perfect blogger meet with lovely ladies, sounds a fabulous day indeed! xx

  17. I had to read this post again (jealous but in a good way) and I noticed loads of grey coats and jeans (except for you Avril, you wore a dress). Was that the unofficial uniform? Hehe

  18. Glad it went well.

    You all look great.

  19. I certainly looks like you guys all had fun! It is was great to see all the pics

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