How I Tie My Warehouse Butterfly Scarf

Photo taking was a bit fraught today...DS1* was keen but then kept getting distracted by friends out on the street and we ended up with a load of photos of me making faces in an effort to get him to pay more attention. So I fired him and DTD1* took over. She's always more interested in photo taking anyway but she was struggling to fit feet and head into the picture (and definitely holding the camera at an angle). Then she needed the toilet, as did DTD2*...WAY too much sychronicity in this house sometimes. I gave up then. The stress. So you're getting the best of a bad lot here. 
I mentioned in my post the yesterday that I bought myself one of the Warehouse butterfly scarves I've given away on the blog before. I'm so pleased they are still making this scarf as the colours are gorgeous and it's fabulously full and long.
When I featured on the blog, I got the feedback that a couple of you found it difficult to work with as it was so large. For me, I twist it round my neck once like so..
Then I bring the longer end back around again and to further tie it up, you can bring the second long end around and tuck it in..
Scarf - Warehouse
Stone Jersey Draped Cardigan - Linea @ House of Fraser
Peach/Pink Jersey Top - New Look (last seen here)
White Vest - Primark
Black High Waisted Skinny Jeans - Primark
Black Ankle Boots - Moda in Pelle
Necklace - Freedom @ Topshop
Hope you're having a good week so far. Still accepting Merrell pictures so anyone with a Wakefield or Ellenwood, drop me an email before 10pm tonight! I've a prize up for grabs (random draw) so what are you waiting for?
For non-mumsnetters *DS1 Dear Son First Born, DTD1 Dear Twin Daughter First Born, DTD2 Dear Twin Daughter Second Born! 


  1. I think your litle helper did a great job Avril:)Love the scarf and the colours really show through in the photos! Perfect for Spring outfits.
    ~Anne xx

  2. I always go for the bigger the better with respect to scarves but as long as it's soft so its workable. Perfect scarf tying there - I just like to make it up as I go along and eventually something good happens if you don't strangle yourself first :o)

  3. Lovely colours; I can see why you bought it. Will go with so many different outfits and like Sue, I prefer bigger scarves too.

  4. Looks great Avril, excellent method. Must admit, I tend to make it up as I go along, so I'm with you Sue :)

  5. LOL at the little ones helping (not).
    I am so thrilled this scarf is back in stock - I saw it on someone last year and didn't think they'd repeat it - and I'm so pleased you've given me/us a lesson on how to tie it - it's a BIG scarf!


  6. Such a beautiful scarf :) I love it! x

  7. Beautiful choice on the scarf - might have to go back and get one myself. Those boots are lovely too Avril - really classic looking.

    S xx

  8. Beautiful scarf. I saw it in Warehouse and was tempted but resited ... so far!

  9. Thank you so much for showing scarf tying - I have loads and I never manage to get them just right. More please!

  10. such a pretty scarf.....


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