Bloggers in Black with Patterned Trousers!

As soon as Dina started to walk towards me and I realised we were wearing spookily similar outfits, I knew we were kindred spirits. These photos were taken last week when I got to meet one of my favourite US bloggers, Nadina from My Superfluities, who hails from Virginia in the States and who took a massive detour on her Irish holiday to meet up with me in Belfast! 
OK so maybe she was coming up here anyway to see the Natural Wonder of the World that is the Giant's Causeway but I like to think she made the trip just for me...
We met up at Dina's hotel where I got to meet her husband & three beautiful children before stealing my blogging buddy away for a whistle-stop tour of Belfast and cocktails in The Merchant Hotel. 
It took us ages to read through the book (yes, a proper bound book) of cocktails but in the end Dina went for a martini style one and I opted for a long and refreshing gin based one. Can't remember their names - sorry - but they were both delicious!
 We spent that long chatting about blogs, life, kids and everything else in between, that by the time the hunger pangs hit, it was too late to get restaurant food....in Belfast's defence, it was mid-week and after 10pm. So we headed up towards the University and went for good old Norn Iron fayre...Fish 'n' Chips!
Geo Print Cropped Trousers - Heatons
Black Long Line Jumper - Warehouse (similar here)
Cropped Black Jacket - Dunnes Stores (similar here & here)
Black Leather Courts - New Look (similar here)
Handbag - Fossil @ Menarys
Necklace - Freedom @ Topshop (similar)
Make sure to pop over to Nadina's blog as I know she'll soon have a report from our night out too, along with some great photos I took of her down at the Titanic Museum and at the famous Belfast cranes. But give her a couple of days - she only flew home on Sunday :)
Outfit wise, I listened to all the comments from the post where I visited local store, Heatons and went back to get the geo-print cropped trousers. Really pleased I did - they are going to get plenty of wear this SS13 both day & night. Wearing them on this post with existing wardrobe items - some are 4 or 5 years old so I've done my best to link to similar items currently available.
Hope you have a super Tuesday - I'll be back tomorrow with a Wednesday wish-list!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time, how amazing to meet up with a fellow blogger from overseas and both of you looked gorgeous, as do the cocktails!

  2. Looks like a great evening - a combo of girlie chat, cocktails and fish n chips!
    Isn't that funny that you both had almost identical outfits on?


  3. Those the cocktails look amazing! Sounds like a fun night :)

  4. How amazing to meet up like that! You both look fab, and it looked like a lot of fun too! xx

  5. You both look great (so glad you went back and got those trousers!) And how gorgeous do those cocktails look??!!

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  7. You guys look great! It's always lovely to meet someone that you've clicked with online and realise you get on just as well offline!

  8. Looking good Avril. How lovely that you two got to meet up in Belfast:)
    ~Anne xx

  9. Oh, my, this is such a wonderfully written account of our night out together. :) Love it!

    I would have commented on it as soon as I saw it in my reader if I had been able to, lol. My darling husband decided to catch a stomach virus whilst in Ireland and then proceeded to give it to me as a way of saying "welcome home!" (I literally felt its first effects an hour after we entered our doorway--blegh.)

    Anyhow, we are truly kindred spirits, and the printed trousers are only partial proof. I wish that our stay had been longer, I think both Mr. Dina and I were saddened that we only allotted one day to explore Northern Ireland, had we had the choice to switch things up, we would have definitely done at least two days up there, with a full day in Belfast and a full day at the Causeway!

    I should be able to put together my recollection of our awesome night out soon, and maybe by then I can sort out what the names of our drinks were? They were amazing, and oh, so strong, maybe that is why we are blanking on their names? ;)

    P.S. The Giant's Causeway was a definite reason to visit Northern Ireland, but you are the reason we came that way. :) My hubby was on board with me visiting you, but would not have made the trip otherwise! (He would have shuttled us off to Cork or Waterford, instead, I am sure.)

  10. Looked like you two had a great night, so disappointed I couldn't join you, but mummy comes before blogger lol! Can't believe I missed a Merchant cocktail too. So glad you wnet back for those printed trousers, they're great on you, which reminds me I still haven't got to Heatons yet.

  11. you's both look marvelous, i especially love your trousers, love them so much, I'm such a monochromomaniac. x


  12. You both look great, love the look of the drinks :)

  13. Lovely post! :)

  14. You both look great Avril! Must be fab to meet a fellow blogging buddy (especially from overseas). Cocktails look marvellous -as do the fish and chips! xx

  15. Fun blogger meet up!!

  16. Those printed trousers were my favourites from your earlier post :) How fab to meet an online friend from so far way too :)

  17. I want to be there next time! You both look amazing!

  18. Hi Avril-sounds like you both had a really lovely time and such fabulous photos too, you both look great in your patterned trousers-so perfect for Spring!! Cocktails and fish and chips, sounds very delicious indeed!! xxx

  19. Anonymous18:20

    I bought the patterened heatons trousers avril....llove them...and a snip at 20£! I can only hope they look as nice on me as they do on u!!One of my friends calls them my 'deadly buzz' trousers!!!

  20. Hi Avril! Love the near identical outfits & it looks like you both had a wonderful girly evening out! Your pumps & trousers go wonderful together! Andrea x

  21. I've made so many friends from forums and blogging. Good for you! Both of you look so chic. I just love those geometric pants on you, Avril.


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