My Waterproof Family!

You'll have seen me feature my new Target Dry Emily Parka on a few recent posts (currently in stock on this link!) but today the whole family features on the blog, thanks to the team at Target Dry, who sent something waterproof and windproof for Mr SGS and the little ones too. Well there was nothing for it but the entire SGS Target Dry family had to go for a day out of waterproof, windproof fun!
The girls are wearing the Rascal rain suit. I'm a huge fan of rain suits for kids as they are great for layering up with coats in colder weather (as we did here) but also to wear in less cold weather over their clothes. Perfect for trips to the beach as I seem to have bred children that want to run into the sea no matter what the weather is like. These suits are lightweight and tiny when packed away, easy to put on and take off and have plenty of room underneath for the layers and to allow for growth. My girls are about 105 cm tall and are wearing the age 5-6 suit which is a little big for them but will do them for well over a year from now. 
Mr. SGS and the wee man are wearing two very different jackets. The kid's one is the Mac in a Sac packaway rain coat in the Malibu colourway (oh, the irony of that name!). It's lightweight, windproof and waterproof and has proved to be invaluable during recent hockey and rugby practice in the pouring rain. In the words of my son, 'It's SO waterproof, you can wear it for hours and none of the rain gets through! Much better than any other anorak I own!' Sounds perfect for the balmy Irish weather and being lightweight, it's going to work year round. Again, I went bigger, ordering the age 11-13 for my 143cm son to allow for layering and growth. 
Mr SGS is wearing the Pioneer jacket in a size L, which is a warmer option than the mac in a sac. It's got the excellent wind-proof and waterproof properties of the other coats but is made from a slightly heavier material. It's also been worn during recent rain at the side of the hockey field and hubby is especially impressed with the warm pockets.
Our day out was to the egg hunt at Mount Stewart, a local National Trust property. It was great fun with the kids really getting into the spirit of it - to the extent that we had to tweet for some of the answers (hence the phone in Mr SGS's hand above! Don't judge but none of us have watched or read any of the Harry Potter series but thanks to the power of Twitter, we soon found out the name of some random dog!
Bless the kids, they ran all the way off the track to this stag sculpture thinking the clue was there but it wasn't. Cue confused faces and Dad re-checking the map!

And of course, I wore my brilliant Emily Parka (more pictures here), which I layered over a fur gilet. Also sported my snow boots (in April). The only bit of me that was cold were my knees...furry knee warmers anyone?
A great day out and we were warm and dry throughout despite the freezing weather. You know the saying about bad weather and appropriate clothing? Well that.
Thank you to Target Dry for kitting out the whole family with the most wonderful, practical clothing. We have no excuse not to get out and about on every rubbish day now.
If you're interested in any of the items we're wearing or anything else on the Target Dry site, don't forget to use SCHOOLGATE15 at the checkout for 15% off.


  1. Boots look fantastic as does that Parka ..
    Family super cute too

  2. They look fab and I imagine you were all nice and dry.

    X x

  3. Love the little rainsuits for the girls - you can't miss them in those! And you all look like you had a lovely time.

  4. Ok, HOW are you all managing to look so cute in your raingear?! I look like a baglady in mine, no word of a lie. I will be checking out that parka brand stat!

  5. Looks like you all had a fun day out and more importantly stayed warm and dry:)
    ~Anne xx

  6. Love the rain gear on the girls - such a good idea. You all look fab in your jackets .. looks like you had a really fun day

  7. What a great day out - love the all in ones! Everything stays clean and dry underneath.

  8. looks like a fab day out

    whats the sizing like on the parka?

    I could use a lightweight one for the "summer" (!) months.

    1. Sorry for the delay replying! Thought I had already in my defence but then realised none of my replies appeared :(
      Anyway, I would say these coats come up on the bigger side. I'm a 10-12 and have plenty of room in my 10. And here's to wearing it all summer long.... x

  9. I'll keep these in mind. I've never really owned an umbrella much less waterproof jackets or coats till I moved to the UK. Waterproof clothes are an essential purchase. Too bad I've learned it the hard way!

  10. Looks like great fun. A very stylish, warm family!!

  11. I love these pictures they are fantastic!

  12. That parka is great Avril as every one I have is more fashion than function. Would be handy to have a stylish but practical coat so must look into it. Your pics are great and your bunch are so cute, looked like a great day, your like a national trust tour guide for me, need to check out some of these places!! X

  13. What an absolutely adorable family you have! I love the matching rainsuits the girls are wearing :)

  14. Hi there-these are really lovely family photos and it's great how you all look dry, cosy and stylish! xx

  15. Oh what a cute family you have....takes me back a bit! xx


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