Guest Post - Top 7 Tips For Going Blonde At Home

As a busy parent, finding the time to visit the hairdressers is tricky. Plus having your hair coloured in a salon can be expensive. So, how about a home hair dye kit? If you've never considered using one for going blonde, you might be pleased to hear it's no longer as scary as you think!

Until recently there has always been the risk of brassy yellow hair with home colour kits, but they have come a long way in the past few years. Dying your hair at home can be just as successful as a salon colour if you follow the instructions and some of the tips below for achieving beautiful blonde hair at home.

1. Think about your natural colour
It's going to be unrealistic to go from a dark raven black to blonde in one step, at home. As a first step, go a couple of shades lighter than you currently are and if you're not sure how you'll feel about going lighter, think about trying a temporary dye first.

2. You'll need to change your hair products
Blonde hair dye contains much higher levels of bleach and ammonia than other colours, so it will cause your hair to change slightly. It's important that you use blonde hair products and invest in an intensive conditioner to restore the moisture.

3. Just how blonde do you want to be?
There are loads of different shades to choose from. Although it's easy to pick up the first kit on the shelf, make sure you do pay attention to the shade, thinking of your skin tone. Warmer skin colours can take a brighter blonde. The most successful colouring will involve moving just a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour.

4. Make sure your hair is in good condition
If your hair is already in poor condition...then don't dye it blonde. Hair in a bad condition can often end up with a pink or blue tinge. If you really want to go blonde, give your hair a few months of intensive conditioning and ease off the heat (especially straighteners) until it's stronger.

5. Change your make up
Being blonde may mean you'll need to change your make up. Lighter hair usually suits more subtle, lighter toned make-up. If you're struggling to know what to do, pop along to a good make-up counters for some free advice. 

6. Ask a friend
Bring a friend along with you when you're buying the colour to get their opinion. And always have a friend with you to help apply the colour if you're not used to doing home colour. It will help ensure you get an even coverage and that you time the process correctly.

7. Do blondes have more fun?
Think about why you want to go blonde. If it's because you've heard blondes have more fun, you might want to think about your lifestyle rather than your hair colour!
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