Summer Must Have - No 3 - The Denim Jacket

We've had our metallic sandal and white trouser. Now for something to throw on when the day is a bit cooler. Also perfect for putting over a colourful maxi dress. 
The denim jacket.
To avoid a lack of colour like yesterday's post, I'm also including a couple of coloured ones in this post! 
Luxury alert next but I'm justifying it because a denim jacket is so timeless and you'll have it for years and wear it LOADS. Black White Denim have this incredible one by Paige Denim:
Paige @ Black White Denim

River Island next and a slightly more distressed version.
River Island Denim Jacket
And good old Gap - always delivers a classic denim jacket every season:
Gap 1969 Denim Jacket
The next one is collarless, which I do like in a denim jacket. It's also part of the So Fabulous range at so goes up to a size 32. Take that Mr Abercrombie & Fitch!
So Fabulous Collarless Denim Jacket
And just to break up the denim - how pretty is this cropped patterned denim jacket from Esprit?
Esprit Patterned Denim Jacket
Boden now - I am well impressed with their denim jacket this year and have talked about it before. To avoid repetition, I'm showing a photo of the coloured version, which is down to £41.40 in clearance at the moment - also available in coral:
Boden Denim Jacket

Finally, check out H&M for some great denim jackets all below the £30 level. Can't work out the difference between some of them so click on the link here to see them all!

Day 4 tomorrow - can you guess what's next on the Summer Must Have List? x


  1. Love the Black White Denim jacket but unfortunately the Gap one is more my budget, plus it is the year I was born, so destined really xx

  2. I wore my ancient Gap denim jacket for the past two days. It feels wonderful and gets better with time. It's on the light side, so I've had my eye on Zara's medium colored one, but I really like the RI distressed one, too.

  3. I'm not really a denim jacket kinda' gal! They just don't suit me .. the only ones that I think I can get away with is a white one and Next have a very nice one in stock at the moment.

  4. Anonymous12:54

    I really want a denim jacket but I'm so particular I haven't yet seen one I like :( Nice picks here but I'm convinced my dream one is out there somewhere!

  5. Can't go wrong with a Gap denim jacket - I think I've had mine nearly 15 years!!! xx

  6. I don't have a denim jacket I'm my wardrobe, I never really liked them but am seeing them more and more on blogs so am coming round a bit more, will have to try a few on and c how I feel again! X

  7. Love the wee patterned one! I bought a neatly fitted Levi denim jacket about six years ago and it's never aged (I think) and goes with everything from little black dress to coloured jeans. One of those classics for me!

    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx

  8. Paige and Gap jackets for me Avril - I actually bought a Sainsburys TU denim jacket recently but returned it as it didn't fit quite right - shame as it was a good price with 25% off too. Will have to look in Gap! xx

  9. I love denim jackets & have 3 Levis ones & a cropped Gap one! I just drag them out year after year & the older they get the better they look! I think its a must have! The Gap one looks cute & I like the colour! Ax

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments - I'm still loving the Paige one....and telling myself what a great investment it would be.... :) x


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