From Sandals to Waterproof Shoes...

What a difference a day makes! One minute, I am sashaying about in my maxi dress and sandals...
Maxi Dress - Tesco (now online in Tall & Petite options!)
Sandals - Clarks via TK Maxx
Necklace - SGS Shop
..and the next I'm wearing waterproof shoes (and my Target Dry parka when outside)... 
Scarf Print Neon Top - H&M (SS12)
Skinny Jeans (rolled up) - Heatons
Necklace - Pluck & Devour
Waterproof Pumps - Hunter c/o Atterley Road 
But every cloud and all that - I get to show you my most recent purchase from Atterley Road. The Hunter Aubrey Waterproof Ballet Pumps
Yes, Hunter, the wellington boot people make shoes too! In fact, I featured a different pair on the blog last week as part of my Atterley Road wishlist. While making up the wishlist, I took a fancy to these black ones and I'm very pleased with them. The fit is good for my wider than average foot and I love the embellishment and the quilted effect.

Luckily, I avoided the worst of the rain while out and about today so I didn't need to test the waterproof-ness of them but I can report that they are super 'grippy'! Now this is important for a klutz like me who manages to slip and fall over at regular intervals. Especially in the charity shop where I've come a cropper many times on the laminate floor there. Today - I had no such problems. My 40 year old hips breathe a sigh of relief :)

Was just thinking today, I haven't run a competition for a while so I'm going to get cracking this week and make up a goody bag of stuff to give away! 
Watch this space - will get it up on the blog by the weekend! x



  1. What a cute idea - waterproof ballet flats! I completely get it! I've ruined a couple of pairs in my time and now like to think of my patent ones being waterproof - though they're not quite. Love the H&M top - how did I miss that? xx

  2. I could have done with a pair of those going out last night in the rain!!Love the maxi on you also:)
    ~Anne xx

  3. Waterproof flats are genius...really hoping the sun stays out though so no need for them! Mummysgotstyle

  4. Love the Hunter waterproof flats - what a brilliant idea! x

  5. Fantastic waterproof flats!! xx

  6. Hi my dear! Love love those ballet flats, I've got birthday money so am seriously tempted to get thesee-you are such a naughty style influence, hehe!! Lusting after the H&M top too, it looks fabulous! xxx

  7. O now, they are seriously cute. And in our Irish weather, I would have said they're pretty much an essential for everyone's wardrobe!

  8. Oh, those are lovely! And totally solve the problem of footwear for a 'Norn Irn' summers day!!

  9. Genius ... I just ordered some for break duty in NZ.. They offer free delivery to NZ which is insane!! Thanks for the tip! Look forward to reading your practical, but sassy blog. I am 39, 3 kids and can totally relate to your clothes and fashion ideas xx

  10. I would love a pair of these, but only occurred to me when I clicked on link that I couldn't wear them! I have a latex rubber allergy, sob!!

  11. Hunter ballerinas.....waterproof? ....genius !

  12. Anonymous00:43

    Love that maxi dress on you! Colours are gorgeous!

  13. Practical and stylish - perfect combo!

  14. I could do with those today Avril - I am taking my class on a park walk ( in the rain by the looks of it!) . X


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