Covering up Grey Roots!

Grey roots - if you have them, as I do, you'll know how frustrating they are. 
Not just because it's expensive to have them tinted but for me, it's the time involved in having hair coloured every 6 weeks or so and then there's the chemicals involved in hair colouring. Anything that you need ventilation & gloves to work with is, I'm guessing, not the best thing to be smearing all over your scalp and leaving for 40 minutes to absorb into your head. I've not googled it to see. I know I won't want to read about it. Because for me, I'll do anything to get rid of those greys.

But then I read about Colour Wow online and got VERY excited!

It's basically like an eyeshadow for your hair (hair shadow?!) but it's more waxy so it holds to the hair & scalp better. You use the brush to dab it onto the grey roots and voila! Those pesky greys are banished. no sitting in a salon chair for hours, no hefty bills, no nasty chemicals! Here's my parting with the front part Colour Wow'd and the back in all it's glorious grey-ness. Such a difference and it takes literally minutes to do.
Now, it's not a permanent solution obviously as it's not practical to apply it to more than a few inches of re-growth. But what it does allow is for your hair to have a break from the harshness of colouring for a few more weeks, each 6 week cycle.

Using it during May, I was able to extend my time between colours to 10 weeks. Over the space of a year, I would normally have my hair coloured about 8 times. With Colour Wow, I reckon I'll reduce that to 5.  

Pretty impressive, eh? Where do I find this miracle product, I hear you ask! Well it's just become available in Space NK - you can find it on this link. It's £28.50 but I reckon it will last me at least a year and it's a fraction of the cost of a hair colour. Oh and it comes in 4 different colours. 

Oh, one downside...if you scratch your head, you get dirty fingernails. It took me a while to work that one out....wondering why my nails were looking a bit grubby. 

Disclosure - Even though I was sent this item free of charge, I was not asked to or paid to blog about it. I'm genuinely delighted with it and couldn't wait to share with you all. If you're a fellow grey rooted girl, you'll appreciate my enthusiasm!



  1. That looks a good product Avril - I do use the colour tinted dry shampoo to cover my grey, but it doesn't do a great job really and makes my scalp itch! May have to give this a go - anything to save a few pennies as well at the moment!! XX

  2. My question would be, does it not make your hair look and feel greasy? Apart from that, it sounds very impressive indeed!

    1. Oh not at all Helen, it's a powder essentially so doesn't make my hair greasy. It's wonderful stuff! Ax

  3. By going lighter as the years go by I find it easier to hide the grey and can get a good 10 weeks in between hairdresser visits. I imagine that's harder to accomplish with darker hair but as I already have quite greasy hair I would be loathe to add any wax products. I think Bumble and Bumble do a similar product but more powder based which might suit greasers like me!

    1. It's definitely more like powder...but has the staying power of wax. Fantastic!
      I've tried going lighter but my hair got into very bad condition so I went back to dark but with this stuff, I'm almost at 10 weeks now since my last colour which is unheard of for me. So glad I found it! Ax

  4. What a fantastic product, thank you for showing it to me. I find as I get older, they greys are coming through faster than ever so a product like this could help with prolonging the very expensive trip to the hairdresser every month, thank you.


  5. Anonymous17:33

    Ooh, looks good. Do you reckon it would cover total white? I got my first greys at 13, totally white now, ugh! I could dye my hair every week, the greys start to show that quickly. Usually I stretch it to 4wks by using a cover up - been using Rita Hazan root concealer from Sephora recently but at $24 for a tiny can (travel hairspray size) it's too much when it only lasts a few weeks...


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