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Hello there! I’m Maggie, or Gussy — whichever name you want to use is fine with me! :) A handful of years ago my mom started calling me “Gussy” after Gussy the goose in Charlotte’s Web {ya know, that one goose that talks a lot?} and it sort of just… stuck. Shortly after that I was learning how to sew and I knew I needed a name for my products; “Gussy Sews” seemed like a perfect fit. Hope you enjoy my guest post here on School Gate Style..

The weather has been pretty much perfect these days. Sometimes it’s nice enough to be able to wear shorts or a skirt for a few hours in the afternoon. Mornings + evenings are still a bit cool, which I’m still getting used to. I’m a Midwest girl at heart, you know. While we were out on another yogurt run we stopped to snap some pics.
The other week I found myself at Target and helloooooooo, pretty green skirt. Won’t you come home with me? So it did.
Oh, and look at my handsome baby — he’s a blondie some days, a ginger the other days. But, he has BIG blue eyes every day :)
As a new mama, these tank tops are my favorite. They’re really soft, I don’t have to wear a second tank underneath to cover my midsection when nursing, and they have stripes on them. I don’t know what it is about stripes but my closet is just bursting with them! :)
Last week I also painted my nails for the first time since Maxwell was born. Having my nails painted is a super easy way to add color to outfits.
By the way, Maxwell starting cooing and I’m all, YES! Let’s have a conversation, son! Hearing his voice squeak is sooo cute. 
Stealing baby kisses are the best, right? And would you look at those chubby arms? Ahhh, they are perfect and just what we ordered ;) 

Getting dressed each morning has really helped me feel refreshed as a new mama. Some nights are especially long [!] and I actually look forward to a hot shower, a spritz of perfume and my favorite mascara. Now that Max is 8 weeks old we’re getting out even more throughout the week, too, and I want to feel inspired to take on new adventures with him. The first month I kept my focus on feeling comfortable while I healed from my c-section, so it’s been especially fun to wear again my favorite pair of purple skinnies and now this new green skirt.

What’s something new you’ve recently added to your wardrobe? It doesn’t have to be an expensive piece, a new bottle of nail polish or accessory [anything that makes you smile] is fancy enough :) Oh and pop over to my blog to check out my latest posts - I'd love to you to be my newest follower!



  1. I love stripes with block colours, and this green is stunning. Your wee baba is so cute, he's adorable. x


  2. Anonymous14:49

    Gorgeous outfit - LOVE the green skirt :-) I'm hearing all about 'Target' all over the blogs I'm reading at the minute! Wish we had one here - it seems like a one stop wonder shop :-) My latest add to my wardrobe has been a pair of navy shorts, and they are pretty short!!! I'm 31 and haven't had my legs in a pair of shorts for a good 10 years or so now - I have to admit though I am LOVING them right now!!!

  3. Morning Maggie (or Gussy!) from over here in the UK! Love your blog post and I also love stripes... they seem to find their way into my wardrobe without me realising! The latest addition was purchased from M+S in Edinburgh whilst on holiday, it's really lovely in a turquoise/green and white stripe - very summery. My daughter always says that she loves me in stripes (bless her!) and this now seems to have carried over to my baby granddaughter! I knitted her a blanket in stripes and my daughter has just bought her baby niece a lovely sailor dress with .... yep stripes!
    Now following your blog and love the photos of your little man - he is a gorgeous baby!
    Ellen x


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