Burgundy Jeans & Merino

I initially put my burgundy jeans in the blog sale last week and then I changed my mind. A new cardigan purchase from TK Maxx swung it..I realised if I added my H&M scarf from last year I'd have a great outfit so the jeans got a last minute life line.
But first up, the cardigan. It's 100% Merino wool from Deane & White, a brand I've seen before in TK Maxx and the reduction was great - from over £100 to £34.99. Excellent value for merino but even more so as this is in fact closer in weight and warmth to...brace yourself, it's one of those awful fashion words...a coatigan. Ugh...up there with snood and jeggings...but it does what it says on the tin. It comes somewhere in-between a coat and a cardigan.

This scarf is massive and with the heavier merino, this makes a great school run outfit if like me, you are in the car mostly. I simply brought along my Target Dry Emily for a waterproof layer to throw over when the showers started.
Oatmeal Draped Merino Cardigan - TK Maxx
Burgundy Jeans - H&M (AW12)
Oversized Burgundy Checked Scarf - H&M (AW12)
Long Brown Elastic Boots - Hobbs (AW08 - yes, 2008! This year's version on link) 
Liking my windswept look? That's the way of it for outfit posts these days. The shorter days and rainy, windy weather is playing havoc with blog photos but I'm determined to get as many taken outside as possible!





  1. Fab outfit! I just bought a berry pair so glad yours never made the sale, I am in need of different coloured bottoms, sick of denim all the time x

  2. Love the colour of your jeans Avril & they go perfectly with your scarf x

  3. I bought a black merino cardigan from TK Maxx too. I wonder if it is the same brand.
    Glad you saved the jeans.

  4. That's a great outfit. Makes a lovely change from black, grey and navy. But what's wrong with the word, 'coatigan'? It always makes me laugh! Excellent word:)

  5. It great when you buy something new which gives a lease of life to something old in your wardrobe. I must pull out my burgundy jeans too, they are definitely an a/w item! Love that scarf (as usual). X

  6. Loving those jeans on you, glad you gave them a second chance. I love merino, what a good buy that was x

  7. Now I have no burgundy jeans ... but I do have burgundy chinos. Time to drag those out and see what we can update them with.

  8. Great find Avril - I can never be bothered searching through the rails at our branch. Perhaps the Lisburn one is less chaotic - my sister has had some good bargains from there.
    Your garden looks immaculate!

  9. Those burgundy jeans are chic. You look lovely and those boots....love them!


  10. Quite right to keep your burgundy jeans - they look great and are so good for this time of year x

  11. Great colours! Thanks for this outfit Avril, will give my burgundy jeans another try. You are so full of good ideas.

  12. I have the same scarf and I loooove it. Looks so much more expensive than it was

  13. Anonymous21:17

    Haha, have just dug that H&M scarf out again myself! Love it. So cosy.


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