Embellished Jumper

Today's a bit of a wet one in Belfast - I've already gotten soaked on two school runs...and now I have the swimming lesson hell to look forward to. 

But before I do, let's cheer ourselves up with some embellished knits! I shared this picture earlier of my Savida at Dunnes cobalt blue embellished jumper from last year as it was the one bit of my outfit from today that was cheering me up. The rest is pretty much what I wore on my last post - boots, jeans and waterproof parka! 
(it's not a real cobra behind me - just a toy one that my son hid on my desk to scare me today!)
Now it's a great jumper tho it does go a bit bobbly....but a few plucks before wearing usually does the trick. Have had loads of people asking where I got it but I can't see the same one in stock in Savida this year but I've made you up a collage of others I've found..some more expensive than others. Haven't had much time to search so if you know of a similar one anywhere else, please link in the comments!

Back tomorrow with a fab competition in association with Kaleidoscope where you could win £200 worth of gorgeous clothes!




  1. Ah swimming lesson hell - I remember those days fondly! Love the jumper, must get myself one of these embellished numbers. Liking the M&S jumper xx

  2. I'd like an embellished sweatshirt if I'm honest x I hate rain! x


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