A nice laid back post to come down from the madness that was the blog sale. Still a few items left on this link and they have all been reduced in price for the last couple of days before I remove them and re-integrate them into my wardrobe! Thank you to everyone who bought stuff - it's all winging its way to lovely new homes as I type. 
Took these photos the other day on a trip to the park with Mandy the dog....

It was a cold day so the Target Dry Georgia Parka was worn. This time with Seven Boot Lane boots, Tesco jeans, H&M burgundy jumper (OLD) and a scarf from M&S. I know lots of your have bought this coat since I first featured it on the blog. I'm really enjoying wearing mine now the weather is back to good old NI normality and I'm finding the colour great. I'm even considering...dare I say it....selling my Merrell!! Only so many outdoor coats a girl needs but I'm as yet undecided so it didn't make the blog sale. Maybe next time..




  1. Is your blog title an homage to the Blur song Parklife? If so, teehee. Love Blur. Saw them in DC in 1996 and there were something like 30 people in the audience. It was AWESOME. In 1996 in Britain they were so much more popular, and I know that any Brit that loves Blur is probably wishing they could have been at that concert. ;)

    You look darling, that shade of blue does suit you!

  2. Anonymous23:36

    Your parka is fab Avril. The colour really does suit you as Dina said. And your doggie is gorgeous, love Liz xxx

  3. I do love this coat! I feel like it would probably be quite a sensible coat for school! x

  4. Great Parka
    Cute doggy xx

  5. That's a great parka, but I'm genuinely in shock that you're even considering selling your Merrell! The brand Merrell will be forever synonymous with you in my world!!!!

  6. Love the parka on you Avril. You wear it well!

  7. Gorgeous parka Avril, I've yet to buy a winter parka & keep thinking about it but I'm trying to be good...after all how many winter coats does a girl need?!! But on saying that I do have a winter parka hole in my wardrobe.....;-) x

  8. Love this look, perfect for my rural autumn school run . I'm new to your blog, found via Bloggers-wear-Boden. In a fashion black hole post maternity leave, smaller budget and nothing fits anymore although back to usual weight. Your blog has given me inspiration, thank you!

  9. I love the colour of your parka...and I love that your dog is called Mandy;)

  10. I love the colour of your parka and its a perfect coat for winter. :-)

  11. I really like this parka, the colour is great and it looks very warm.


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