Pulling an Outfit Together with Daniel Footwear...

My last 'Pulling an Outfit' together post was so popular, I decided to do another - this time using my new flat black knee-high boots from Daniel Footwear. I've had the ankle boot vs long boot debate before and I've tried out lots of different styles of boots to see what works for me. The conclusion I've reached is that (for me) if wearing flat boots, they need to be long and if wearing ankle boots, they need to have a heel. And I find myself wanting flat footwear SO much more these days after a summer of wearing pumps and flat sandals! So meet the Daniel Skylark boot in black -
Skylark Black Riding Boot - c/o Daniel Footwear
It was the start of my outfit, along with my cobalt blue jeggings from Primark and a grey long jumper from H&M (years old)...pretty ordinary looking..
Now add a scarf - picked up from Next earlier this year...
Add a jacket - from Gok's collection over a year ago. 
This jacket is just amazing - perfect day or night..
and add a cross body bag and I'm ready for the school run!
It's the scarf that does it, isn't it? Love's a close up..
As for the boots - they are ticking all the boxes for me. I'm REALLY fussy about my long boots. They need to be super comfy, neat to the leg (but not too neat), have a nice shaped toe and not make my feet look huge. These ones do it all and I'm liking the price too. To celebrate 20 years in business, Daniel Footwear have a 20/20/20 promotion on right now. 20 different items from their range are on 20% off for 20 days! And we're already in those 20 days so if you've got a gap in your winter footwear wardrobe, make the most of it. Check out all 20 items here!

Back tomorrow lovelies...have a great day,



  1. I agree. The scarf makes such a difference. I love that jacket though and the boots are great too. Love Liz xxx

  2. GREAT post - I love the build up of the outfit - excellent!
    That scarf is gorgeous. I saw one similar in Mint Velvet the other day but at £40 I left it on the shelf!

  3. Anonymous15:21

    Lovely outfit! I am only beginning to appreciate how a scarf really can add so much to an outfit!

  4. Gorgeous scarf - really loving the blue!

  5. These look like really great boots, a wardrobe staple for many years to come no doubt x

  6. I love your cross body bag! Can't beat a knee length boot. Xx

  7. It's the bag that makes it, it's always about that bag! But yes, the scarf is nice to!!! x

  8. I also think it's the bag that makes it, love it by the way, where's it from? Or am I just being blind not finding it in the text...? Possible! I have it the other way around btw; I feel like I need my long boots to be high but ankle boots are okay even if flat :-)

  9. Oh I love knee high boots and yours are lovely. In fact, the whole outfit is just great because in my book you just can't go wrong with knee high boots, blazer & scarf. Love it!

  10. Great outfit, that's why scarves are a must in any wardrobe, they just pull the whole pallet together. Loved those trousers on Thursday, meant to ask where u got them! X

  11. Love this outfit!! Ax


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