There's a Mulberry Outlet in Kildare Village

I was not the only handbag fan who got a little bit excited about Mulberry opening an outlet on Irish soil. Kildare Village Outlets are owned by the same company as Bicester across in England and it has many of the same shops - though it never had a Mulberry shop...until this month!

Now I'm a Kildare girl born and bred but a combination of birthday parties (the girls), rugby matches (the boys) and choir concerts (me) means that I'm not going to get down to check it out in person until closer to Christmas. So when I heard my friend Ciara was going there this weekend, I asked if she'd mind taking a few photos and noting a few prices. Well the girl did good and is now SGS's official roving reporter...thank you lovely lady!
So the this store has more than just handbags, it's got clothes, accessories, shoes, luggage and purses as well as a great selection of Mulberry favourites.
The sales assistant told Ciara that the two best sellers were the Lily (€434) and the Effie Hobo (€504) both pictured in white. 
 The Del Rey was there in black and black forest (purple) for €693 rrp €990.
The Alexa was available in purple (below) and was €636 for the medium size and the oversized version was €784 (rrp €1120) 
 (both pictured)
The scarves in the picture with the Alexa above were €189 (rrp €315)
These two tan Maisie's are stunning - the large was priced at €595. 

And Ciara tells me that the next new shop to open next week is l'Occitane. My resolve is weakening...who wants to do a day trip?

My thanks go to Ciara Huxley, SGS's roving reporter (pictured below at last month's wedding) for a fantastic report back from Kildare Village!


  1. I'd be like a kid in a candy shop! I love the Effie although I don't think I'd be very good with white! Two of my daughters have Mulberry's and I once had the Antony across body bag but it was too small xx

  2. This just makes me drool! Would love any of these . Thank you. X

  3. We have one in York. I go in there every now and then with my friend to stroke the bags.

  4. Stunning bags & accessories. I'm currently in love with the Del Rey, good job they didn't have it in beige/camel!!! x

  5. Oh how stunning! I was supposed to visit last week, but the trip was cancelled. Hoping to get there soon ... just to look sadly! I've also heard that Links of London are opening there shortly, so I reckon it will definitely be a place to visit when the post Christmas sales start

  6. I can't believe that many years ago before Mulberry really took off, their factory shop was like a big garden shed just outside of Bath........It used to be so, so cheap, just wish that was the case now, even the outlet stores are still quite pricey, but great to buy if you are in the market! xx

  7. Now how long before you pay them a well deserved visit and invest in one for those beauties?!!?!x

  8. Oh excitement - a visit is def on the cards!

    Nic x

  9. Count me in for a visit!! If even just to stroke them!! Xx

  10. They have orange bags. I feel like we need to go! x

  11. I'd love an Alexa! Ax


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