Gok Wan for TU Latest Collection - TRY ON TIME!

I had 20 minutes yesterday between sorting out passports for my son and I (torture) and the school run, to dash into Sainsburys and see what Gok stuff was available to try on. Not all items were available but I grabbed all the 10's I could find (apart from skirts and trousers) and here's how I got on...
First up, the two main dresses from the collection. 
The first one is a gorgeous purple/black brocade material with a detachable crystal detail on the neck. It's a lovely fit, has a double slit in the rear hem (which I love in a dress or skirt) and would work equally well on Christmas day, at a party or in the office (with the bling removed). It's got the shaping slip lining that all Gok's dresses have and only looks a bit bumpy on me here because I was too lazy to take off my thermals! #fashionfail 
This next one doesn't look like much on the hanger but it's actually lovely on. It's a good length for the tall girls out there and the sleeves are a bonus. It's available in purple and also in black:
Next up, this cream blouse is really pretty. It's got a quilted detail on the shoulders and really lovely silver rectangular buttons on the neckline and the cuffs. The material is quite heavy and not overly see-through. It's a bit too dressy for me day-to-day but it would be great as a work top or dressed up with some statement trousers & heels for a night out.
I was interested to try on this purple wrap top as I've seen quite a few tops like this in the shops over recent months. It wasn't my cup of tea and came up quite small on the waist. For a flat chester like me, the next size up would have gaped too much on the neckline. Perhaps one for more of an apple figure.
Finally, I tried on the grey coatigan. It's got PU trim on the pockets and is lined in a jersey material, which makes it really cosy. I didn't like it on the hanger or in the look book but I did like it on. Though I was freezing and it was so soft....
Looks a bit mumsy till you add a scarf..
So only a small selection of his collection but I hope you've enjoyed seeing it for 'real'. 
Before I sign off, I did bring one non-Gok item into the changing room cute is this TU jumper? Would look gorgeous with a denim shirt underneath too. Tempted to go back for it... 
 Hope you're having a good weekend,



  1. You're right! Looks way better on you than it did on the Look Book. I love the cream top (for work) but as there ain't any Sainsburys in Dublin, I can only admire from afar!!!

  2. The second dress is stunning on you Avril, you need to get back for that and the heart jumper!! x

  3. Do you think the second dress in purple would be suitable for an interview? Love the jumper! X

    1. I think it would Claire - it's got lovely detail but no bling and very decent neckline. Perfect length, works with a jacket and only needs minimal jewellery. I'd wear with a cropped square fitting, collarless jacket x

    2. I shall take a look! Thank you! X

  4. I love that heart jumper - how much was it? Passing a Sainsburys today so may have to divert and drop by. Really impressed with the first dress, it looks great on you. Also like the coatigan, want to shop now!!!x

  5. First dress looks amazing on you. I love the cream blouse and coatigan xx

  6. Great selection Avril, did you go back for the heart jumper?!! xx

  7. Love the jumper Avril and the coatigan (I saw it yesterday in our Sainsburys) - I need long warm soft things and this looks perfect! xx

  8. All of those pieces look really smart. I especially like the cream blouse (although I have no immediate need for a cream blouse!) and the dresses. I have been looking forward to wearing dresses again since the twins (finally) weaned. Thanks for mentioning all the little details, like the linings, I wouldn't have thought of lining a boucle cardi with jersey, thats a great idea!

  9. Love, love, love the cardigan!! Gosh I miss UK supermarkets!

  10. LOVE LOVE you in purple - wow, that's your colour!
    I may have purchased a silly Sainsbury's jumper too - I'll just say FOXY to you!

  11. It all looks so much better on you! I love the cream blouse & the cardy looks so much better with a scarf doesn't it?! Ax


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